Rashford Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦943306154
  • Salary per Week: ₦235826538.5
  • Annual Salary: ₦11319673848
  • Other Income Sources: Brand Endorsements and Business ventures.

Marcus Rashford is an incredible player, and if you are a football fan, he must be one of your favorites. Watching players slay on the ground has always made me wonder how much they earn. You must have come here in curiosity to find out Rashford’s Salary, right?

We won’t keep you waiting for long. Let’s get this started without any delay.

Overview of Rashford and His Salary

Rashford Salary Per Week
Name:Marcus Rashford
Date of Birth:31/10/1997

Rashford’s full name is Marcus Rashford, and he was born on 31 October 1997. He is an English professional football player who plays as a forward for one of the best Premier League football clubs, i.e., Manchester United. Rashford is also a part of the national football team of England.

He is currently with Manchester United and earns substantially by playing for the club. His current monthly earning is equal to ₦ 943,306,154, and his net worth is ₦ 63 billion, which reflects his talent, hard work, and market rate. Moreover, apart from football, he earns significantly by endorsing famous brands, business ventures, etc.

Rashford’s Career as a Professional Football Player

Rashford’s performance leaves many fans in awe, but do you know he started playing football when he was only six? Yes, he was only six when he joined Fletches Moss Ranger club in 2003, and this was just the beginning of his incredible football journey. He was part of this club for two years, then in 2005, he got into the Manchester United Youth team when he was seven, and he has been part of Manchester United since then; I must say he has come a long way.

He represented England in multiple national matches, including U-16, U-18, U-20, and U-21. His national senior debut team match was against Midtjylland in 2016. Here is a table of matches he played and goals he scored for the national team and his club.

England National Football Team5316
Manchester United23969

Records and Achievements

In the decades-long impressive football journey of Marcus Rashford, he made numerous records that are counted as his achievements as an incredible football player. Here is a table including all his achievements in his professional football career.

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YearRecords/ Achievements
2015-16Won Football Association Challenge Cup with Manchester United
2016-17 & 2022-23Won EFL Cup with Manchester United
2016Won FA Community Shield with Manchester United
2018-19Won 3rd position in UEFA Nations League for England
2019-20Premier League Academy Graduate of the Year Award
2020Won the PFA (Professional Footballer Association) Merit Award
2020Won the FWA (Football Writers Association) Tribute Award
2020Won Guardian Footballer of the Year Award
2020Runners-up in UEFA European Championship for England
2022-23UEFA Europa League top scorer

Rashford’s Salary History

Rashfors’s contract was expiring in 2024, but he has renewed his contract with his continuous football partner, Manchester United. After signing a contract for five years, he has become one of the highest-paid players at Manchester United. Here is a history of his earnings from the club Manchester United.

SeasonGross Income per WeekGross Income per Year
2015-2016₦ 3918275.00000₦ 252210483.51
2016-2017₦15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2017-2018₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2018-2019₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2019-2020₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2020-2021₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2021-2022₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48
2022-2023₦ 15631000.00₦ 10088419340.48

Additional Income Sources of Rashford

Just like many other famous personalities, Marcus Rashford also earns a significant amount from multiple sources, bringing him a hefty amount and fueling his monthly earnings more. Read ahead to find out the additional sources of his income.

Brand Endorsements

Marcus Rashford gets sponsorship offers from many brands now, but the first brand he endorsed was Nike, and he is in contract with them till today. He earns up to ₦ 6113814.38 daily from endorsing and promoting Nike goods.

Apart from Nike, he endorses Burberry, Hublot, Electronic Arts, McDonald’s, and EA Sports. Besides his football salary, he earns an additional amount of ₦ 9704076000.00 from brand endorsements. Furthermore, he has no other income sources like side business, and his sources of income are football and brand endorsements.

Marcus Rahford’s Assets

Rashford’s salary is almost equal to the paid players of his club, and he also earns a handsome amount from brand endorsements, which lets him enjoy a lavish life. Here are the details of his assets.


Marcus Rashford’s love for cars can be seen in his car collection. He owns multiple luxurious cars that add significant value to his net worth.

CarsPrice in Naira
Mercedes G Wagon₦ 102304895.00
Range Rover Urban Sport₦ 65923742.50
Mercedes MG GT 4Door Coupe₦ 78115922.50
Mercedes MG S63 Cabriolet₦ 144899370.00
Mercedes Benz CLA Class₦ 29855210.00

Mercedes is not the only car he owns. He has elite taste, and besides his above-mentioned luxury cars, he owns an Audi RS4, Audi A3, Range Rover Velar, and Mercedes S Class Coupe.

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Although little is known about his residence’s location, he owns several properties in England. He owns five luxurious houses in England that are worth ₦ 1,952,723,470.00 approximately.

How much does Rashford earn weekly?

Marcus Rashford is among the highest-paid England footballers, and his weekly salary is around ₦101.1m.

How much is Marcus Rashford’s new contract?

Marcus Rashford plays as a forward for Manchester United, and according to his current five-year contract, his weekly and monthly salary is around ₦101.1m and ₦ 943,306,154, respectively.

Who is the highest-paid player in Manchester United?

Numerous players of Manchester United have handsome salaries, including David de Gea, Jadon Sancho, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, etc.

Marcus Rashford has a deep connection with football and has been associated with this field from a very young age. Getting a chance to represent his country internationally as a teenager depicts his talent, and his billion naira net worth shows how far he has come in this field.

Undoubtedly, Rashford’s salary is a lot, but besides his handsome salary, he gets a lot from brand endorsements and sponsorships. Furthermore, he uses his popularity for many good causes and does plenty of charitable work. However, not many know about this side of Rashford, but I hope our article has enlightened you about Marcus Rashford’s salary and professional and personal life of Rashford.

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