FRSC Salary Structure in Nigeria

The internet is full of questions about the Federal Road Safety Commission because the Nigerian people want to join it. They are hesitant because the salary is less when compared to the workload. The information in the article can burst the bubble as job titles and annual salaries are discussed.

Organization Name:FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission)
Monthly Salary Range:₦25000 – ₦218000
Average Monthly Salary:₦121500
Organization Description:The FRSC is a government authority that ensures people’s safety on the road. All the employees associated with this commission are responsible for supervising motorists and maintaining discipline.
Minimum Qualification:Employees’ qualifications differ according to their grades or ranks in FRSC. A Road Marshall Assistant must have SSCE, whereas a Marshal Inspector can apply after having a HND. Hence, the academic requirements are different regarding recruitment at FRSC.

You can scroll down to go through the table before making a decision. I am sure you won’t be disappointed after reading till the end.

Overview of FRSC Salary Structure

The FRSC, or Federal Road Safety Commission, is responsible for managing the safety and looking after infrastructures to minimize the risk of mishaps or accidents. All workers associated with FRSC have a lot of workload, which makes everyone think about their monthly income. There have been speculations about the salaries that FRSC gives to employees.

The salary structure, along with the job titles, is discussed below to end the speculations. It can be helpful for people who are interested in joining the Federal Road Safety Commission and educating motorists.

The Federal Road Safety Commission pays an excellent monthly amount as the employees work hard to maintain road discipline and infrastructure. On average, an employee’s monthly salary at FRSC can be around ₦ 121,500 monthly.

Salary Structure

The table below gives an overview of the annual salaries of employees of FRSC. People can know how much the employees earn after working for hours non-stop.

Job TitleAnnual Salaries in Naira
Corps Marshal₦ 2,616,000
Chief Inspector₦ 1,405,449
Deputy Chief Inspector₦ 1,325,234
Assistant Chief Inspector₦ 1,252,038
Principal Chief Inspector₦ 1,143,539
Senior Marshal Inspector₦ 1,058,416
Marshal Inspector I₦ 777,876
Marshal Inspector II₦ 548,387
Marshal Inspector III₦ 393,442
Chief Road Marshal Assistant₦ 996,761
Deputy Road Marshall Assistant₦ 539,049
Senior Road Marshal Assistant₦ 387,428
Road Marshall Assistant I₦ 349,589
Road Marshall Assistant II₦ 319, 741
Road Marshall Assistant III₦ 305,576


The Federal Road Safety Commission has specific responsibilities. Some of them are given below so people can know before joining it.

  • The FRSC is responsible for maintaining road discipline to be safe for all motorists and users.
  • They must educate people about maintaining discipline and following the rules when on the road.
  • The employees at FRSC are responsible for looking after the infrastructure to prevent accidents.

What are the departments at FRSC?

The Federal Road Safety Commission has many departments, including Operations, Administration and Human Resources, Special Duties and External Relations, etc. There are Special Units and Corps Offices as well.

How many sector commands are there in FRSC?

There are 37 sector commands in the Federal Road Safety Commission in Nigeria. They are responsible for carrying out different responsibilities in the country.

Hence, a brief article explaining the FRSC salary structure is given so interested candidates can apply for a position. The table has the annual salaries of employees working in different positions. Each employee can go up the ladder after gaining some experience in the field.

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