How Much is Nigeria Army Training Allowance?

Nations like Nigeria require a strong, resilient, and defensively capable army to deal with border issues. The Nigerian Army is also a well-off group of people who entertain its officers and high-ranking employees with thousands of nairas.

However, the problem is that some claim army-trained soldiers do not get allowances, while a group of experts criticize the army bodies for receiving more income than the civil department.

According to the laws of the Nigerian Constitution, every institute’s trainee workers, whether they are soldiers or public servants, get a list of the allowances. These allowances are based on their performance, the rank they have acquired, and the progress they have made for the institution.

So, let’s take a dive into the army’s financial matters and see the allowance details of the Nigerian Defence Department.

How Much Is Nigeria Army Training Allowance?

The Nigerian army is one of the most powerful in the African continent because of its rough training of soldiers and undefeatable strategy. Experts claim that army training makes soldiers do something beyond limits, so we have designed the training model differently as compared to the other nations. But a question arises: how much do these soldiers get after pushing their limits beyond?

Sources claim that there is a specific amount for the soldiers who have recently joined the army.

Basically, there are four types of allowances given to the army of Nigeria under the training mode. According to the Department of Defense, the purpose of these allowances is to help soldiers manage their expenses and motivate them to work for the institution.

Nigerian Army DSSC Training Allowance

The Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission is a 9-month program for newcomers. It is based on assessments and physical training where people are tested on the basis of their mental ability to face the challenge and physical strength to diminish risks against survival. The newcomers receive N15,000 to N25,000 as an allowance during the DSSC training.

Nigeria Army Training Allowance In NDA

Second, the training program is for experienced trainees who are on the path to becoming future officers. Therefore, the training program is more rigorous and challenging from both mental and physical aspects, so there are very few chances that soldiers will survive in the Nigerian Defence Academy. The soldiers receive N25,000 to N50,000 during the NDA training as an allowance.

Nigeria Army Training Allowance for SSC Cadets

Training for the SSC Cadet is for the 18 to 22-year-old trainees of the army. The SSC Cadet training is simpler and easier than the NDA training as in this type of training, a trainee learns to defend himself, developing strategies for self-defense and cooperation with the other soldiers. In this training, a trainee receives N15,000 to N25,000.

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Training Allowances For New Recruits

Army soldiers are the selectively chosen people among thousands of candidates who apply every year for recruitment. The Nigerian army has a very low acceptance ratio as the officers measure height check physical disabilities, and psychological tests are compulsory. If an applicant passes the interview and all these tests, he is allowed to join the training and get N9,000 to N12,000 as an allowance.

Other Facilities

The trainees for defense forces not only receive these allowances but also get other basic facilities, such as accommodation, food, and transportation. The soldiers get well-cleaned, furnished, and comfy bedrooms. They also get high-nutritional food and elite-class transportation facilities to travel from one place to another.

Final Words

The Nigerian Army has proven its department to be one of the best defense and security institutes of the continent as it has fought with terrorist groups, defeated rival nations, and maintained the sovereignty of the country. All these scenarios are part of the realities because Nigerian authorities have special concerns regarding the training of the new trainees. Anyhow, the allowances details and the facilities a trainee gets from the department are mentioned above.

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