Doctors Salary in Nigeria

Medicine is one of the most respected and profitable professions throughout the world. Even though the studies of medicine are complex and very complicated, it is one of those fields that ensures you a great job with a mouth-watering salary.

Monthly Salary Range:₦160000 – ₦600000
Average Monthly Salary:₦380000
Description:Doctors are responsible for providing Healthcare facilities to ill patients and those in need.
Minimum Qualification:MBBS

If you are interested in becoming a doctor in Nigeria and are wondering how much a doctor earns in Nigeria, what bonuses he gets, and what the salary structure is based on which doctors are paid in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. Here are the details to let you guys know everything about doctor salaries in Nigeria, their bonuses, their professional responsibilities, and the salary structure.

Overview Of Doctor’s Salary In Nigeria

The medical profession is one of the best-paying professions in Nigeria. As a doctor, you can earn a good amount of income at the end of the month. Since the profession is among the most noble, respectable, and profitable professions, you can dream of earning big if you plan to become a doctor.

But keep in mind not all medical doctors are getting the same salary. Instead, there is a lot of difference between doctors’ salaries in different sectors in Nigeria. Private sectors and private hospitals in Nigeria are paying noticeably different wages as compared to government hospitals in Nigeria.

Similarly, those who are doing their house job earn an additional amount of salary as compared to those who are professional in their field and have years of experience. However, according to our research, we have learned that the average salary of a doctor in Nigeria is ₦ 380,000 per month. Let’s now look at the extra bonuses and focus on the salary structure on the basis of which doctors are paid in nigeria.


Well, doctors in Nigeria also get an extra payment that includes commissions, profit sharing, cash bonuses, and tips. The estimated additional cost in Nigeria that is given to a doctor becomes an average of ₦ 200,000 per month. This is not specific because the extra payments and bonuses are dependent upon rank, level of work, overtime, and other particular factors.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of the doctors in Nigeria depicts the salaries of doctors in the country. The salary structure is regulated by two officials: Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) and Consolidated University Academic Structure (CONAUSS).

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Well, CONMESS is mainly for the doctors working in hospitals, and CONAUSS is for doctors working in the academic sector. Let us look at the details of the salary structure and focus on the average income of a doctor that he can get after completing MBBS.

Housejob Doctor Salary

The fresh doctor who has just completed his degree has to attend a house job. It is a one-year compulsory service that every new medical doctor has to participate in, in which he works on a professional level with professional doctors to get some practical experience in his field.

On average, it has been noticed that housejob doctors get an amount equal to ₦ 160,000 per month. This is not the accurate amount but is the approximate figure because the particular salary depends upon several factors, including the hospitals and organizations the doctors are working with.

NYSC Doctor Salary

After completing their one-year house job, medical doctors in Nigeria must go for the National Youth Service Corps Scheme NYSC. This is the place where doctors are posted to either teaching hospitals or local hospitals to work. Here, they receive a notable salary, but keep in mind, just like the housejob, the salary doctors receive while providing their services at NYSC depends upon several factors, including the hospitals they work in.

Salary differs according to the Institute because the organization you’re working with could be self-owned, privately owned, state hospitals, or federal. It also depends upon the location and the state. However, the data we have collected tells us that an average of ₦ 50,000 is earned by doctors per month while attending the compulsory National Youth Service Corps Scheme.

Post NYSC Doctor’s Salary

The salaries doctors get after attending the NYSC scheme are different. Although the wages are all structured and regulated by CONMESS and CONAUSS, there is still a noticeable difference between them.

If the doctor works in a government hospital, he can make ₦220,000 per month. The figure varies based on the organization he is working for and whether the hospital is the federal government or state government.

Similarly, those doctors working in private hospitals can earn an average of ₦120,000 per month. Here, consultants and specialists can earn an average of ₦ 600,000 per month, whereas doctors in government hospitals can earn around ₦190,000 per month.

Responsibilities Of Doctors

  • The fundamental responsibility of the medical professional is to make sure that they are providing the best possible care to their patients.
  • Their primary responsibilities include making assessments based on the patient’s symptoms and diagnosing the disease their patients have.
  • They are responsible for observing their patients’ health and conducting several tests so they can finalize the correct diagnosis.
  • Doctors plan and conduct patient treatment courses and ensure that their patient lives a healthy and better life even after having some disease.
  • They prescribe medications and provide extra care for injuries and homes.
  • They are also responsible for letting their patients know about the treatment course, disease, and what are the risk factors that are linked to the patient’s problems.
  • They also administer follow-up programs for patients.

How much extra can a doctor make in Nigeria?

According to the reports, it has been observed and assessed that a doctor working in Nigeria can make around ₦ 200,000 per month. This is not a fixed payment but varies according to rank, experience level, overtime, and other factors that depict the doctor’s bonuses, commission, profit sharing, and tips.

What is the salary of a doctor doing his housejob in Nigeria?

A doctor doing his house job in Nigeria can earn an average of ₦ 160,000 per month. It is an average amount and is not fixed because the particular figures can only be calculated after depicting the factors like which organization and hospitals you are working with.

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