Graphic Designer Salary in Nigeria

The number of graphic designers is rapidly increasing in Nigeria, but some former designers claim that these new buddies do not know that the demand for graphic designing is low in the country. Are all these beginners wasting their time in learning new skills? To answer this question, one needs to understand the salary structure of the average graphic designer in Nigeria.

Occupation:Graphic Designer
Monthly Salary Range:₦52442 – ₦121795
Average Monthly Salary:₦87118.5
Description:A graphic designer conceptualizes the designs under principles and generates visual communication samples for the target audience.
Minimum Qualification:An aspirant should have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with an internship.

The aspirant should also see the extras, such as bonuses and the allowances received by graphic designers. Let’s dive into the details of the graphic world of Nigeria and explore the different dimensions, like the responsibilities of a graphic designer or their basic qualifications.

Overview of Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic designing has emerged as one of the highest-earning positions in Nigeria as the new trend of freelancing is coming to the country. A graphic designer is responsible for creating the visuals based on communication themes in which he has to convey a message. Graphic designers are not only limited to the private sector, but governmental bodies are also hiring them.

The minimum salary of a graphic designer in the country is about ₦52,442 at the entry level, and the senior one earns ₦121,795. Interestingly, the average income of a graphic designer in the region is about ₦87,119. The median income is ₦57,334 per month, and some companies also offer extras with this much pay.


The very first thing you should know about the job is that it is all about your skills so if you perform better than the other employees you will certainly get high pay. Additionally, there are performance bonuses in which one can get a major additional amount at the end of the month. The income increases with experience, so if you have 5 to 7 years of experience in the field, you will get an extra amount with monthly income.

A very different kind of bonus is also given to graphic designers, which is called a “profit-sharing bonus.” If the overall performance of the company is high, then you will also get a share of the profit. Lastly, you will get skill-based bonuses in which, if you join a training program to enhance your qualifications, the company will add an amount to your monthly income.

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Salary Structure

The salary structure is not complicated as there is no hierarchy of the ranks, but the experience may create significant differences. For example, the entry-level graphic designers have lower salaries, and the senior ones earn more bucks. The surveys observe no gender differences, but people who are working in the cities earn better as compared to the backward areas of Nigeria.

RankMonthly Salary
Entry level₦52,442
Senior Level₦121,795
Average Salary₦57,334


You should know that the aspirants in the cities are in demand and get jobs quicker than in the other areas. Excitedly, the people who are working in the cities are earning almost 6% more than employees in smaller cities. The high-paying cities are Ibadan, Logos, and Benin City.

Responsibilities of Graphic Designer

  1. Visual Conceptualization: The very first task is to imagine the design one is going to give shape. In this conceptualization, the graphic designer gathers data from different previous samples related to the current one.
  2. Drawing A Sample: Before you start working on the illustration, you should draw it on paper so if there is any problem in the sample, you can assess it.
  3. Gathering Resources: In this part, the graphic designer is responsible for gathering all the tools and instruments he requires for the design. These resources can be software, special screens, or input devices.
  4. Editing: Once the graphic designer is done with all the initial work, he should start image editing or creating a new illustration.
  5. Client Communication: Lastly, he should show the sample to the employer or client for assurance. If there is some problem, he should guide the client, and in case it is editable, he should mold the image according to the client’s demands.

Is Graphic Design a good career in Nigeria?

Yes, graphic design is a good career in Nigeria, as one earns thousands of bucks each month.

Where do graphic designers work in Nigeria?

Graphic designers can work in companies, government offices, or as an independent freelancer in Nigeria.

Who is the best graphic designer in Nigeria?

DODO Design Agency, Feman Media Agency, DBO Agency, and Noble World are the best graphic designers in Nigeria.

Who is the youngest designer in Nigeria?

Taofeek Abijako is the youngest designer in the graphics field.

Graphic designing is the future of cinematography and image editing. People in Nigeria are earning bundles of money only from freelancing, and companies also pay high salaries. Therefore, the rumors about the graphic designing profession are baseless; one should pursue a career in graphic design as the skill is in demand.

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