Fashion Designer Salary in Nigeria

Fashion designing is one of the fastest-evolving businesses in Nigeria. People are ready to hire expensive designers for their modeling shows or brands to become prominent icons in the country. It raises the question of how much these fashion designers earn monthly and whether they get extras or not.

Occupation:Fashion Designer
Monthly Salary Range:₦220108 – ₦718883
Average Monthly Salary:₦469495.5
Description:A fashion designer is responsible for researching new trends, selecting fabrics, and developing new design concepts.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required for the fashion designing position is a Bachelor’s in Fashion design.

Actually, a fashion designer’s salary is better than a list of the professions in Nigeria. One can not only work here but also send his designs to the other multinational companies. Let’s dig into the details of how much a fashion designer makes monthly and understand the responsibilities of fashion designers in the country.

Overview of Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designing is one of the fastest evolving positions in Nigeria because of the latest design trends. Basically, it is not only used for modeling but also for designing the suits of filmmakers and politicians and wedding dresses. Interestingly, these designers get thousands of naira from employers or hiring bodies.

The entry-level salary of a fashion designer in a firm is expected to be ₦220,108 monthly, and the highest earning position makes ₦718,883. The average income of a fashion designer in the country is ₦469,933. The salary is not the only thing they get but also extras; let’s see the allowances and bonuses they earn.


You have seen how much a low-level fashion designer earns in a firm. He also gets allowances like housing allowances in which the company gives a lavish mansion to the employee. He may get travel allowances in which the employee can travel from one place to another at subsidized rates.

Medical insurance is also available for fashion designers, and they can get millions of naira in treatment for free. Lastly, the prizes for winning modeling shows, monthly bonuses for working creatively, and pension plans are on the list of the fashion designer’s extras. A fashion designer does not work daily but has 8 to 12 offs each month.

Salary Structure

The salary structure for the fashion designer job is simple, as there are three major levels. The entry-level fashion designer makes less as compared to intermediate and experienced ones. There are some fashion designers who do not work for the organizations but are independent.

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Entry-level with 0-2 years of experience₦220,108
Intermediate level with 2-5 years experience₦4,380,400
Senior level with 10 to 15 years experience₦718,883

Independent Fashion Designer

Some are so experienced that they do not need to associate with any company. These are called the independent fashion designers who make millions of naira per project. The rates are fixed after determining the type of fashion and the area in which they are working.


The city may impact the salaries of fashion designers. For example, experts who are working in big metropolitans like Lagos or Benin City can make a high amount as compared to the designers working in Abuja or Enugu, who will receive low wages.


Because it is a skilled-based job, the designer with high experience and polished skills gets a handsome amount compared to the others. If you see the famous names in the fashion designing industry of Nigeria, all those experts have more than 15 to 20 years of experience.

Responsibilities of Fashion Designer

  1. Research: A fashion designer has a job of observation in which he should bring out the new trends in fashion by researching the old fashion. He should copy fashion in a way and leave no clue such that everyone appreciates his job.
  2. Designing Concepts: Another thing is to try new ideas, which could be absurd at the beginning, but after a few attempts, one can invent new fashion.
  3. Selecting Fabric: Designing is not only a job that makes money, but selecting suitable fabric is also important. The designer should select a fabric and set the fashion with that fabric to see the response of his fans.

How big is the fashion industry in Nigeria?

The Nigerian fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, as it holds 3 trillion naira worth. It is known as the most thriving industry in the world.

What makes fashion designing thrive in Nigeria?

The diversity of culture, association with vibrant colors, and unique sense of fashion make the Nigerian fashion industry a thriving one.

Fashion is a unique art or an amalgamation of colors, fabric, and a sense of creativity. Luckily, Nigerians are experts in this art and can make thousands of distinct designs with a few colors and three to four fabrics. Therefore, the fashion industry is rapidly growing in the country, as you can see high pay and unbelievable extras a fashion designer gets.

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