Computer Engineering Salary in Nigeria

One of the best occupations to get into these days in Nigeria is any field of IT or Computer Engineering. Apart from the field being high in demand, the salary range of this field is also a very lucrative factor.

Occupation:Computer Engineering
Monthly Salary Range:₦141133 – ₦424975
Average Monthly Salary:₦283054
Description:They are in charge of designing and developing computer hardware and software and coming up with new services and gadgets.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required to become a computer engineer is a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

On average, a computer engineer can easily make 283,054 Naira per month. This is not even the maximum amount this field can offer, so if you wish to find out about that, you need to read the article below. It is loaded with all the information about computer engineering salaries in Nigeria.

Overview of Computer Engineering Salary

Computer Engineering is an amazing field to pick for Nigerians currently. The average salary of a person in this field is 283,054 Naira per month. To increase this amount per month, the individual needs to have a great skill set as well as a higher level of qualification instead of a basic Bachelor’s.


Apart from the basic salaries, computer engineers also get many other bonuses and allowances from their companies. However, the exact amount of the bonus depends upon the employer. The general bonuses offered to computer engineers in Nigeria are individual performance bonuses, company performance bonuses, and Holiday bonuses.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of computer engineers is divided by their years of experience. The following table includes the general salary range according to the experience.

Rank Based on ExperienceSalary per MonthSalary per Year
0 to 2 years₦158,058₦1,896,700
2 to 5 years₦205,975₦2,471,700
5 to 10 years₦289,158₦3,469,900
10 to 15 years₦346,900₦4,162,800
15 to 20 years₦377,033₦4,524,400
More than 20 years₦406,950₦4,883,400

Responsibilities of Computer Engineering

Every single task that is related to the hardware and the software of computers falls under the job description and responsibility of a computer engineer. They are in charge of designing and developing advanced software and hardware systems.

In addition to that, they are also responsible for the maintenance of the existing systems and making sure that they are debugged. They need to keep working hard to create services and unique products according to the requirements of their company.

What are the highest-paying computer engineering jobs in Nigeria?

The highest paying jobs for computer engineering in Nigeria start with Software Engineering, Web Developers, and Data Scientists. Apart from these three fields, DevOps engineers and Mobile application developers also get paid higher salaries.

Are computer engineers in demand in Nigeria?

Yes, computer engineers are quite high in demand in Nigeria. The IT sector of the country has been growing very rapidly over the last few years, which has led to a higher demand for computer engineers.

What is the salary range for entry-level computer engineering jobs in Nigeria?

The salary range for entry-level computer engineers in Nigeria starts at 141,133 Naira per month. However, this amount can also go up to 158,058 Naira per month if the person has a higher qualification and advanced skill set.

How can I increase my computer engineering salary in Nigeria?

The best way to increase your computer engineering salary in Nigeria is to focus on learning newer skills required for the job. Moreover, you also need to have a higher level of qualification with experience. The last important thing that can help in getting a higher salary is picking a job from the public sector over the private sector and also picking a bigger company.

Does the public sector pay higher salaries to computer engineers as compared to the private sector in Nigeria?

The salaries of both the public and private sectors depend upon the qualification level and the position of the individual. In some cases, the private sector pays higher salaries, especially if the person is working for a larger company. However, on average, there is not a huge difference between the salaries of computer engineers in public and private sectors in Nigeria.

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