HND Rank in Immigration & Salary

Mesiere! If you have a Higher National Diploma (HND) and want to know what rank and salary you can get in Nigeria’s Immigration Service (NIS) department. HND is your golden ticket to secure a good rank in NIS and be your superhero in getting a dream salary.

The Higher National Diploma is considered a reputable degree and is honored by the Nigeria Immigeria Service Department. Even simple diploma holders get paid a decent salary, so what do you think is the HND rank in immigration salary? Will it be better than diploma holders?

There is no need to scratch your head in confusion because we got you covered. Let’s find out HND’s rank in immigration salary with us.

HND Rank in Immigration Salary

The Immigration Services welcomes all qualifications and degree holders with open arms, whether you have an SSCE, NCE, ND, HND, or BSC. Many are passionate about joining NIS because it is a rewarding career. Although NIS accepts different qualifications, not every individual serving in NIS gets an equal salary.

As far as the HND certificate is concerned, it’s a higher qualification, and individuals can expect a higher salary. So, HND rank in immigration salary is between N110,000 and N160,000. All individuals hired on HND rank do not get the same salary because monthly salary also depends on experience in the field along with the qualification.

A fresher will not get a salary equal to that of an HND immigration officer with five years of experience. This is why the salary variance exists in NIS, just like in any other department. But hold on, I have exciting news to break: an HND rank in immigration salary can be upgraded anytime, depending on the current chairman.

What is the HND Rank in NIS?

The HND is a certificate, and HND certificate holders can easily secure a Senior Inspector of Immigration in the Nigerian Immigration Service. It is the starting rank of a HND certificate holder. They also get promotions based on their service quality, years, etc., once after a few years.

Nigeria Immigration Service Officer’s Allowances

All the NIS servers receive a handsome salary regardless of their qualification and experience. Not only this, but they also get allowances along with their salaries. The allowances immigration officers enjoy besides their salaries include the following:

  • Housing allowances
  • Training allowances
  • Transport allowance
  • Medical allowances
  • Special duty and overtime allowances
  • Service Duties of an Immigration Officer

The Nigerian Immigration Service, also known as NIS, is a government agency. Also, it is the highest-paid service in Nigeria’s paramilitary department. If they are paying well, don’t you think the responsibilities of an NIS officer would be tough?

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Well, it’s not tough but challenging. They are responsible for managing the immigration in the country. They keep a record of everyone who leaves the country and who enters the country.

Above that, immigration can’t be possible without the proper verification and document approval according to the immigration laws of the country. Besides enforcing immigration regulatory laws in the country, the NIS also provides services like visa issuance, passport issuance, passport renewal processing, and national ID card processing. These are the general duties and services NIS provides, dividing them into various ranks and officers for smooth processing.

How to Join the Nigerian Immigration Service?

If you have an HND certificate and want to join NIS, then continue reading. To become a member of this reputable department, one needs to fulfill set eligibility criteria. These include:

  • An individual must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Has a good character
  • Strong educational background
  • Must be between 18 and 35 years old
  • Must qualify for the NIS exam
  • Pass the interview

Once you fulfill all the requirements mentioned earlier, you will successfully become a member of the Nigerian Immigration Service. All individuals are trained for a set period after selection. After the training period, they control, manage, and administer immigration in and out of Nigeria’s borders.


What is the rank of HND?

A HND certificate holder serves as Senior Inspector of Immigration in the Nigerian Immigration Service.

How much is the Immigration salary in Nigeria in 2023?

The immigration salary varies depending on multiple factors like qualification, rank, experience, etc. On average, they earn up to N150,000 per month, excluding the allowances and bonuses.

Is HND a good qualification?

HND is a good qualification; although many individuals have higher degrees than HND, an HND certificate can also give your career a good boost. You can have hands-on experience and polish your skills to start your career or prepare yourself for a university degree.


The HND rank in immigration is Senior Inspector of Immigration and their ranges from N110,000 and N160,000. An HND certificate holder can earn well by providing their services in NIS, but only if they fulfill their eligibility criteria.

It is, undoubtedly, a fruitful career, and the chances of growth are also high. If you have an HND certificate, do try your luck; NIS conducts its exam twice a year. Good luck.

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