QNET Salary in Nigeria

You must’ve heard rumors about QNET and how it operates in different countries worldwide. QNET recently made its way to the Nigerian market to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. You can associate yourself with this multinational company to earn a reasonable sum of money.

Organization Name:QNET
Monthly Salary Range:₦47000000 – ₦200000000
Average Monthly Salary:₦123500000
Organization Description:QNET is a multinational lifestyle company that uses the direct selling model. It provides employment opportunities to people. The Nigerians can take advantage of QNET and use it as a good income source.
Minimum Qualification:You must have a relevant degree to work at a specific department at QNET. For instance, you must have a law degree if you’re willing to get into the law department. However, no qualification or degree is needed to become an independent representative of QNET. You can earn a decent amount of money from the platform without having a degree.

Review the table below for an overview of the salaries given to people in different departments. You will want to work with QNET after knowing their salaries.

Overview of QNET Salary in Nigeria

QNET is a multinational marketing company with around seven million customers. The company uses the direct selling model in Nigeria and has promised to provide flexible work arrangements to the local people. One of the reasons QNET became famous in Nigeria is the high unemployment rate.

It pays different salaries to people according to their profession and experience. If you’re looking for employment options in Nigeria, you can look at QNET to find a job with decent pay.

Hence, QNET provides employment opportunities to people in Nigeria. They can make a handsome sum every month by selling their product, promoting business through this platform, or working in different departments at QNET.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of some people working at specific departments is given so people can know about the QNET’s salary.

Finance₦ 53,000,000
HR₦ 77,283,680
IT₦ 81,483,000
Marketing₦ 159,600,000
Legal₦ 200,000,000
Business Development₦ 83,169,000
Admin₦ 47,000,000
Engineering₦ 96,600,000
Product₦ 115,479,458

How does QNET work in Nigeria?

QNET uses the direct selling model and provides products and services to people worldwide. The working mechanism is the same in Nigeria as in other countries. People can assist or become customers to purchase products.

Is QNET real or fake?

QNET is an authentic company that isn’t involved in anything illegal. It provides a platform for customers and retailers to buy and sell products according to their convenience.

A brief yet informative article on QNET salary in Nigeria is written so people can know about the pay range. You can work at QNET as a business or join them by working in any department. It is a great platform that can help people earn a decent monthly amount.

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