NNPC Salary in Naira

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, or NNPC, was a government-owned organization but was recently changed to a limited liability company. This transition intrigues people because of how much the NNPC pays its employees. Do employees still make a decent amount every month, or have the salaries been reduced?

Organization Name:NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation)
Monthly Salary Range:₦20000 – ₦1000000
Average Monthly Salary:₦510000
Organization Description:The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ensures the gas and oil reserves in the country are used for sustainable development. Employees are hired so the operations run smoothly in the country. The hired employees must work according to their responsibilities.
Minimum Qualification:The educational requirements for NNPC are different according to the job role or rank. A fresh graduate who has completed his National Youth Service Corps can apply for an NNPC position. However, people with prior experience will be considered first.

All the queries will be answered by reading the article below. You can overview the salary structure and know the salaries according to rank and job experience.

Overview of NNPC Salary

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, or NNPC, is an organization responsible for managing the country’s gas and oil reserves. It harnesses and uses Nigeria’s oil and gas reserves for sustainable projects. The NNPC hires several employees to manage the reserves in several areas.

All the employees hired are paid solely on their qualifications, experience, and rank in the NNPC. If you wish to join this organization, refer to the article below for an idea about the salary.


The employees hired at NNPC not only get their salaries but are compensated with other benefits as well. They get welfare packages, travel expenses, work leaves, etc. These are given according to the rank and responsibilities of the employees.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of the employees hired by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is below. You can go through the table to get an idea about the salaries according to the ranks.

RanksMonthly Salary in Naira
Experienced Staff₦ 500,000 to ₦ 1,000,000
Entry Level Staff₦ 180,000 to ₦ 350,000
Internship Staff₦ 20,000 to ₦ 40,000

Who is the owner of NNPC?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation was formerly owned by the government but is now converted to a limited liability company.

When was NNPC founded?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation was founded in 1977 and was considered the country’s most significant asset.

A brief yet informative article on NNPC salary is written so all fresh graduates can apply for the position. The salaries given to the employees differ according to their ranks and experience in the field. Employees are hired and retained, so the oil and gas reserves are used for development projects in the country.

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