Freemason Salary in Nigeria

Freemasons in Nigeria work for the promotion of economic equality, crisis management, development causes, and educational programs in the local community. However, their discreet hierarchal structures make it challenging for aspiring masons to figure out the monetary benefits of the job. If you want to know more about Freemason’s salary, give this guide a quick read.

Organization Name:Freemason
Monthly Salary Range:₦0 – ₦0
Average Monthly Salary:₦0
Organization Description:Freemason society in Nigeria promotes a sense of morality and helps sponsor social programs (Education, development, etc).
Minimum Qualification:High-school diploma; preference will be given to people with reliable references from the Mason community and prior experience in Freemasonry.

Freemason Salary Overview

A freemason is responsible for understanding the value of masonry and having a will to promote social investment programs, particularly for education and development in the local community. Though they are paid some non-monetary benefits, masons do not get monthly royalties or salaries, contrary to popular opinion. Also, entering this profession takes much application processing time, so you have to be prepared from the get-go.


Masons usually do not receive tons of incentives and increments, considering the nature of their profession and job. However, some lodges offer their employees some sort of compensation like medical insurance, housing allowance, and transportation. In addition, some higher-level directorate positions like Grand Master and Deputy Grand Masters receive sponsorships from loyal masons or their social networks.

FreeMason Salary Structure

The District Grand Lodge of Nigeria has a distinct hierarchy structure; however, they are discreet about the money each one is making for the most part. Here is a breakdown of the hierarchy the organization follows.

  • The Grand Master is elected every three years from the representative of each lodge, and their salary is unknown.
  • The Deputy Grand Masters are responsible for specific sectors of Freemasonry in Nigeria, including finance, budgeting, and membership. Their salary is unknown.
  • Provincial and regional grand lodges with their own leaders and workers. Each lodge is responsible and trained for a specific regional matter. Their salaries are also unknown.
  • Small individual lodges with a small workforce based on the deployment area. Their salaries are unknown.
Roles/ PositionsSalary
Grand MasterUnknown
Deputy Grand MasterUnknown
Provincial and Regional Grand Lodge MasonsUnknown
Individual Area-specific lodges MasonsUnknown

Responsibilities of a Freemason

Freemasonry is responsible for charitable work across Nigeria, including fund-raising events to support healthcare services, managing crises, dealing with natural disasters, supporting education projects in rural settings, and much more. Here is a list of the professional duties and responsibilities of Freemason employees based in Nigeria.

  • Developing a morality-based system to promote philanthropy and understanding the responsibilities of a freemason in the country.
  • Upholding the higher level of honor and integrity in the society.
  • Providing financial aid for social projects related to education, crisis management, and development.
  • Offering mentorship projects to young masons as they progress in their Masonic journey.
  • Participating in charitable work and other activities to promote a sense of economic equality in the local community.
  • Following the rules and guidelines of the Masonic laws (both national and global).
  • Offering dedication to the values of being a mason in a local community.

Do masons have an organization in Nigeria?

Yes, the freemasonry organization in Nigeria is known as the District Grand Lodges of Nigeria.

Are freemasons paid any royalty?

No, freemasons are not paid any royalty in Nigeria.

What is the highest rank of freemason in Nigeria?

Grand Master is the highest rank of freemason in Nigeria.

Do Freemasons have their own lodges in Nigeria?

Yes, freemasons have their own separate regional and provincial lodges in Nigeria.

Freemasonry in Nigeria is about promoting a sense of loyalty and promotion of economic equality in the local community. Though they are not paid royalties, the affiliated organizations definitely offer some fringe benefits. I hope this guide has managed to give you an insight into what it means to be a mason in Nigeria.

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