NCC Salary in Nigeria

Are you intrigued about how much a worker at NCC makes monthly? The Nigerian Communications Commission hires employees at different levels and pays a decent amount to retain them. Each worker has a different salary depending upon their experience in the field.

Organization Name:NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission)
Monthly Salary Range:₦120000 – ₦998000
Average Monthly Salary:₦559000
Organization Description:The workers at NCC are responsible for observing and regulating the media and telecommunication services in the country. Each worker is responsible for a specific task according to their rank.
Minimum Qualification:Everyone must have a bachelor’s degree to work at NCC. It is the essential eligibility criteria of this regulatory authority in Nigeria.

If you are interested in joining NCC and want to know about the basic salary, dig into the article below. The salaries of workers working at different positions are discussed below to help people out.

Overview Of NCC Salary

The NCC, or Nigerian Communications Commission, was started in 1992 and is responsible for regulating the telecommunication industry in the country. It is responsible for providing an enabling environment to all the operators and observing the telecommunication services. The NCC has different types of workers working at different levels.

Each worker has a different salary depending upon the responsibility. You can refer to the article if you want to work at NCC and know workers’ salaries. It’ll help you understand the pay scale at the Nigerian Communications Commission.

The Nigerian Communications Commission gives a decent salary to all the workers to retain them for the betterment of the telecommunication industry. According to the reports, the average salary of workers at NCC is around ₦ 691,000. The workers get allowances and rewards depending on their level and office performance.


The NCC workers get a monthly allowance of ₦ 20,000 to ₦ 50,000, depending upon their experience and level. Almost every worker gets some allowance except those who recently joined NCC or are new at their post.

Salary Structure

The table overviews workers’ salaries in different positions at the Nigerian Communications Commission.

Job TitleMonthly Salary
Information and Communication Technology Officer₦ 42,000
Call Agent₦ 55,000
Management Information System Officer₦ 263,000
Head of IT Service Management₦ 998,000

Responsibilities Of NCC Workers

The responsibility of NCC workers differs from one another according to their level. A Management Information System Officer is responsible for maintaining the systems by hiring IT professionals.

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Whereas the Head of IT Service Management monitors and manages everything. Hence, every worker at NCC has a different role and must fulfill them.

Does NCC pay?

The Nigerian Communications Commission pays a decent amount to all the workers to retain good talent. Every worker is paid according to their level and experience.

Who is the head of NCC?

Aminu Maida is the CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission. He has extensive experience and is a professional in IT projects or services.

Who is the highest salary in NCC?

The highest salary at NCC will be more than ₦ 1,000,000. All the heads make more than this amount with the allowances and basic pay.

Hence, a brief article explaining the NCC salary is given so interested people can know about it. The workers are hired at different levels, and their pay scales are decided according to their qualifications and vocation. The information was enough to give you an idea about how much people are making at NCC.

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