TETFund Salary in Nigeria

If you are thinking about applying for a job in the TETFund, you must get all your facts straight. You must have a decent overview of the TETFund salary, the objectives of the fund, and its roles and responsibilities as a state-owned educational trust. In addition to that, I have also taken it upon myself to break down the grading system of the salary structure and list their ranges separately for your convenience.

Organization Name:TETFund (Tertiary Education Trust Fund)
Monthly Salary Range:₦53000 – ₦597000
Average Monthly Salary:₦325000
Organization Description:TETFund is a government-controlled education fund that is solely responsible for collecting and safely disbursing education taxes to various government education institutes.
Minimum Qualification: A degree(Master, Bachelor/Ph. D) from a reputable tertiary institution and in a related discipline.

Besides that, I will start off with a simple explanation of what the TETFund is and how it operates. So, I would definitely recommend you all to read out what I have to say in the following article. With that being said, let’s get down to the details.

Overview of the TETFund Salary

The Tertiary Education Trust Fund TETFund is hands down the best and most unbiased government trust operating in Nigeria. Its sole responsibility is to collect education tax funds from the government and fairly disburse these funds on a need basis in only the government-owned education institutes.

In addition to that, it also provides ample employment opportunities to Nigerian residents. The average payout from TETFund is about ₦ 325,000. Plus, it provides excellent career growth opportunities.

Salary Structure

Grade LevelLowest Monthly Salary (₦)Highest Monthly Salary (₦)

Responsibilities of TETFund

1. Collect Funds

It is the sole responsibility of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund to collect all the educational tax funds from the government. After that, the professionals working at the TETFund keep track of these funds.

2. Safe Keeping of Funds

It is also the responsibility of the TETFund to provide safekeeping services to the funds collected from the Nigerian government. The funds must not be misappropriated or misused in any way.

3. Disburse Funds

Once the funds are collected from the government, it is now up to TETFund personnel to create a proper fund disbursement plan. This step will ensure that the funds are only transferred to the government-owned educational institutes and that too on a need basis.

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The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the TETFund is hands down the most impartial and unbiased trust operating in all of Nigeria. It provides ample employment opportunities to Nigerian residents with decent salary packages. The highest salary payout recorded to date at TETFund amounts to almost ₦ 600,000.

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