CONPSS Salary in Nigeria

Do you need to learn about the current salary structure being used to pay workers of all the agencies and federal ministries? The Consolidated Public Service Salary, or CONPSS, is the updated structure that helps employees earn good money. All the information and structure are discussed to help you all.

Organization Name:CONPSS (Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure)
Monthly Salary Range:₦30000 – ₦517952
Average Monthly Salary:₦273976
Organization Description:The CONPSS applies to all agencies’ staff, federal ministries, and extra-ministerial offices. All office workers must fulfill their responsibilities to get paid according to the new salary structure.
Minimum Qualification:CONPSS applies to workers of all agencies and federal ministries, so the qualification criteria differ for each. Workers at Level 1 only need a primary school certification, whereas working at Level 17 might need a professional degree.

The table helps have an idea about the salary of workers working at different levels. I am sure you’ll learn about the minimum and maximum salaries paid to workers using the CONPSS.

Overview Of CONPSS Salary

The Consolidated Public Service Salary or CONPSS is based on Nigeria’s National Minimum Wage Act 2019. After the negotiations between the Federal Government and Organized Labor, the CONPSS was formed for all the workers. It was made to reflect on the salaries of workers working in Nigeria.

The salaries of workers of different levels vary according to their scales and qualifications. If you want to know about workers’ salaries of different scales, dig into the information below.

The Consolidated Public Service Salary, or CONPSS, was implemented in 2007. Workers in different agencies or ministries get their pay according to this structure. These amounts can vary after deductions or increments.

Salary Structure

The following table gives an insight into the salary structure of workers at different levels.

LevelSalaries At Step 1 (Annually)
CONPSS Level 1₦ 360,000
CONPSS Level 2₦ 363,328
CONPSS Level 3₦ 366,170
CONPSS Level 4₦ 367,194
CONPSS Level 5₦ 394,498
CONPSS Level 6₦ 449,429
CONPSS Level 7₦ 638,133
CONPSS Level 8₦ 799,421
CONPSS Level 9₦ 928,981
CONPSS Level 10₦ 1,060,833
CONPSS Level 11₦ 1,221,722
CONPSS Level 12₦ 1,362,110
CONPSS Level 13₦ 1,503,149
CONPSS Level 14₦ 2,027,632
CONPSS Level 15₦ 2,027,632
CONPSS Level 16₦ 2,505,352
CONPSS Level 17₦ 4,769, 304

What’s the consolidated salary?

The consolidated salary means the workers get their fixed monthly pay every month. It does not have any time scale.

How do you calculate consolidated income?

If you want to calculate the consolidated income, add all your subsidiaries with the basic pay. This helps in calculating the final figure after all the deductions.

A brief article on CONPSS salary is written so people can have an idea about the structure being used by the Nigerian government to pay the workers. The information helps in knowing the salaries according to the levels of the workers. You can get a high salary by working at a higher level.

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