National Diploma Salary in Nigerian Police & Customs

National Diploma or OND is a polytechnic degree for a 2-year or 3-year academic course, depending upon which one you choose. With this degree, the holder can secure jobs and can get employment in multiple departments including banks, organizations, and several government sectors mainly, police and customs based on their preference.

Those who qualify for the National Diploma are seen asking questions about the rank they will be given in customs and police. If you have no idea about National Diploma Salary in Nigeria you are at the right place.

We have covered the details related to what is National Diploma; what would be the salary of the National Diploma holder and the relevant details. Make sure to pay attention so you can have an idea about the approximate salary according to the ranks.

The guide covers everything about the National Diploma salary in Nigeria, what they get, and what would be their salaries based on their ranks. We will discuss the relevant information later on in detail but first, we will look at what exactly is the National Diploma.

What Is a National Diploma?

The National Diploma is also called an Ordinary National Diploma. It is an award given to polytechnic graduates or graduates who have graduated from the College of Technology and Agriculture when they complete full-time or daily part-time two-year or regular part-time three-year education in the institution.

The award is given on the completion of both theoretical learning and practical learning that ensures the diploma holder can secure jobs and proceed with further education for higher degrees. The National Diploma serves two purposes. Firstly you can secure a good job with it and secondly, you can further continue your education with it.

If you continue further education and get higher education with a national diploma you will get a Higher National Diploma degree. In HND you have to spend another two or three years depending upon what course you choose. With a completion of ND or HND, you can get a JAMB direct entry form.

The form is enough to secure your 200-level admission into any university that you choose. This means you can get even higher education with either three, four, or five years depending upon the course duration.

National Diploma Salary And Rank In Customs

National diploma holders can also get employment in customs. The Nigerian customs services recruit both graduated employees and undergraduate employees as long as the candidate fulfills all of their basic requirements. Well, the ranks both of the employees get are always different from each other because of the differences in their qualifications.

Now let’s talk about the ranks and salaries of National Diploma holders in customs. A National Diploma holder in customs is hired as an inspector of customs. Inspector of customs is the very first rank of OND rank in customs.

Over time and after gaining experience, the inspector of custom is promoted to the next rank. Well, National Diploma holders who are working in the customs service in Nigeria not only get a base salary but also receive allowances and extra payments.

The average salary range of a National Diploma holder who is an employee in customs in Nigeria is approximately ₦ 723,014 to ₦ 997,065 per year. Moreover, keep in mind the salary is not fixed and depends not only on the professional experience but also your aptitude towards work and the years of service. Also a National Diploma customs officer who is fresh in his service cannot get the same salary as an officer who has five years of experience with the same National Diploma qualification.

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National Diploma Rank And Salary In Police Of Nigeria

Now let’s look at the national diploma rank and salary in the police of Nigeria. Nigerian police forces are another important organization in Nigeria that comes under paramilitary. There is always the need for new personnel in the workforce because young minds and people are more dedicated and enthusiastic.

Let me tell you there are several categories of recruitment in the Nigerian police force. There are candidates with the education with SSCE and then there are candidates with National Diploma. Moreover, the category for the candidates is the ones who have graduated in a certain subject.

We will only focus on the National Diploma rank here. Let me tell you, the national diploma holders who join the police get the rank of ISP.

ISP stands for inspector of police. It is the starting rank for National Diploma holders.

They are promoted to other ranks after gaining experience and giving years of service. The Inspector of police is the next rank to sergeant. Those candidates who have a National Diploma are given the ISP rank.

The average monthly salary of a National Diploma holder in the police force is approximately ₦ 87135. Keep in mind that this is the starting salary and it increases with time.

Job Opportunities For National Diploma Holders

Those with national diploma holders can get jobs in the banking sector, industrial sector, and government sector. They also can get recruited in customs and police depending upon their personal choice and capabilities. Let’s look at the information relevant to National Diploma holder jobs in the banking sector.

1. Banking Jobs For ND Holders

There are high chance that National Diploma holders can get offers from banks. Banks often prefer going with young and dedicated employees who are not distracted and who can be trained according to the needs and demands of the organization itself.

Banks often prefer giving jobs to young Ordinary National Diploma holders. Your salary depends upon your rank in the bank.

2. Company Industrial Attachment Jobs

Those companies who prefer going with low-cost staff often look for fresh National Diploma holders. Most companies look for industrial training in their IT department. They train their trainees and most of the time permanent them if they work well.

3. Government Jobs

Most of the government sectors like the Nigerian armed forces often give employment to National Diploma holders. Let’s look at the in-depth details of a National Diploma holder’s salary and rank in customs and police and let’s talk about the approximate salaries that they can get based on their ranks in the organization.


What does OND stand for?

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OND stands for Ordinary National Diploma which is also known as the National Diploma in Nigeria. It is a degree given to polytechnic graduates or those who have graduated from the College of Technology and Agriculture. They complete their education either in 2 or 3 years depending on their choice.

Are there any job opportunities for National Diploma holders in Nigeria?

Those with a National Diploma can get several jobs in multiple sectors. They can get jobs in the banking sector, government sector, and industrial sector. Moreover, they also can be employed in customs and police depending upon their personal preference and capabilities.

What is the average salary of a national diploma holder who is working in customs?

A National Diploma holder who is working in customs in Nigeria gets an approximate salary between ₦ 723,014 to ₦ 997,065. Keep in mind that it is not a fixed salary but is variable and based on the number of years in service.

What is the average salary of a National Diploma holder who is working in the police in Nigeria?

A National Diploma holder who is employed in a police department in Nigeria gets an approximate salary of ₦ 87,135 monthly. This is the starting salary that ultimately increases with time. This is because, with time, the years of experience also increase.

What is the difference between HND and ND?

HND stands for Higher National Diploma and ND stands for National Diploma. The National Diploma is the degree given to a Nigerian who has graduated from a polytechnic or the College of Technology and Agriculture after completing 2 to 3 years of education in the institute. Alternatively, HND is a Higher National Diploma that is a continuation of the National Diploma and is equivalent to an Associate Degree Program.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through this above-mentioned article that tells you the details about the salaries of National Diploma holders in Nigeria. A National Diploma is a polytechnic degree for a 2 years or 3 years course depending upon what you choose. The degree holder can easily be employed in multiple sectors in various areas including banks, government, police, and customs.

We have tried our best to explain everything related to the National Diploma, what it is, what the ranks are given to the National Diploma holders in customs and police and what are the average salary they will receive. The guide also covers the relevant details about the National Diploma and what choices of career the holders have.

Furthermore, keep in mind the amounts mentioned above are all approximated figures which means these are not the exact ones. They can vary based on years of working and professional experience. Make sure to pay attention so if you are interested in taking admission in National Diploma and completing the degree you should have an idea about what would be the average salary of a National Diploma holder who is working in customs and police in Nigeria.

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