Sadio Mane’s Salary per Week & Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦2413674640
  • Salary per Week: ₦603418660
  • Annual Salary: ₦28964095680
  • Other Income Sources: Endorsements Deals, Investments, Scholarships, Social Media

Sadio Mané is a 31-year-old professional footballer belonging to Senegalese. He has recently joined Al-Nassr Club from Saudi Arabia after leaving Bayern Munich. Sadio Mané is one of the well-known footballers who plays as a forward and is known for his speed and quick reflexes.

With a net worth of ₦60,763,785,000, Sadio Mané is among the list of wealthy footballers. He has won seven awards, including the Austrian Cup, ELF Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Premier League, Austrian Bundesliga, Africa Cup of Nations, and UEFA Super Cup. Let’s now focus on his details and look at his career growth so we can have an idea of how Sadio mané has made it possible to stand where he is today.

Overview of Sadio Mané & His Salary

Sadio Mane Salary
Name:Sadio Mane
Date of Birth:10/04/1992

Sadio Mané is a well-known footballer with a net worth of ₦60,763,785,000. He is among the list of successful footballers who have recently joined the Al-Nassr club. This man has been able to make such a huge wealth not only from his football but also from his investments and endorsement deals with popular sportswear giant brands like Nike and Adidas.

The player is currently playing for Al-Nassr on a four-year contract that will end in 2027, ultimately increasing his current net worth by a noticeable amount. Let’s look at his career and what are his additional income sources from where he has managed to make such a huge wealth.

Sadio Mane’s Career as a Footballer

2012-2014 French Club Metz And Austrian Club

Sadio Mané made his debut in January 2012 for French Club Metz. He made around 19 appearances in his first season. He made his appearances as a substitute.

In the same year, in August, Sadio joined an Austrian club. Sadio made his first trick on 31st October, which was a reason for the winning of his team in the third round of the Austrian Cup. He made several moves that ended up in the winning of his team in the end.

2014-2015 Premier League Team

Sadio joined Premier League Team Southampton in the 2014-15 season. His team won by 21 after he made his debut and played for the first time against Arsenal. He was the main reason for his team’s several victories that season.

2016-2022 Liverpool Football Club

Sadio Mané moved to Liverpool Football Club in June 2016. He scored the 4th goal which resulted in a 4-3 victory over Arsenal in his Premier League debut. At that time, he also received the award for Liverpool player of the season because of his outstanding performance.

One year later, in August 2017, he scored his first goal for Liverpool, which made him more famous and popular in the sports world. He got the title of Premier League Player of the Month for August 2017 at that time. These achievements made him a remarkable player over time.

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He scored twice against Chelsea in 2019 while playing for Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup final. One of the most admiring achievements of Sadio Mané is that he is the third African who has crossed the number 100 when it comes to scoring goals.

2022 Bayern Munich

Sadio Mané then joined Munich in 2022, but he was not satisfied and failed to settle in Germany. He left the squad within one year of joining and joined Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia recently. Moreover, during his one year time in Bayern Munich, he scored 12 goals for the team.

2023 Al-Nassr

Sadio Mane is now in Al-Nassr club, where he has signed a four-year contract that will end in 2027. He will get more than ₦603,418,660 per week from Al-Nassr club Saudi Arabia.

Mane Salary In Al-Nassr

Sadio mané is a professional footballer who has recently shifted to Saudi Pro League Club Al Nassr. Here, the player will earn more than ₦603,418,660 per week from Al-Nassr Club Saudi Arabia.

Mane’s Salary in Liverpool

When Sadio Mané played for Liverpool from 2016 to 2022, he was earning around ₦92,833,640 weekly. He was at Liverpool on quite a low salary, which was the primary reason for him leaving the club and joining Munich in 2022.

How Does Mane Earn? Additional Income Sources

Sadio Mané has managed to make his net worth of ₦60,763,785,000. He has not earned this amount from his professional football only; instead, there are other additional income sources responsible for making him one of the wealthiest sportspersons in the world. Let’s look at the extra income sources of Sadio Mané in the guide below.


Sadio Mané is a famous footballer who has earned a lot from endorsement deals and sponsorships. He has various endorsement deals with clothing brands like Nike. He also works with Vodafone, Gillette, and Beats by Dre.

These sponsorship deals are believed to get him an extra income of more than ₦4,202,000,000 per year. Sadio Mané is also a New Balance-sponsored athlete who will use the New Balance Furon V6+ in this 2022-2023 football season. Moreover, he has also made sponsorship deals with Indonesia Tourism and Western Union.


By making investments in real estate, Sadio Mané also earns a handsome amount of money. He owns several properties all over Europe that are also providing him with additional income.

Social Media

Sadio Mané is one of the famous social media celebrities in addition to being a footballer. With more than 14.1 million followers on Instagram and almost 17 million followers on Facebook, Sadio Mané earns also from his social media.

Sadio Mané Assets

Sadio Mané has made many assets and has several properties from his earnings. He has a house in France and also owns a home in England. He lives a luxurious life and drives luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, and SUV.

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Since Sadio is one of the famous and wealthy footballers, he lives a prosperous life. He also owns an Audi RS7. Moreover, there are several other landpieces owned by Sadio Mané located all over Europe.

What is the net worth of Sadio Mané?

The net worth of Sadio Mané is more or less ₦60,763,785,000. He earns not only from his professional football but also from endorsement deals, sponsorship deals, social media, and making investments in property.

Who is Sadio Mané sponsored by?

Sadio Mané has been sponsored by The Western Union, Adidas, and Nike. Sadio Mané is quite a famous footballer who earns a lot from endorsement and sponsorship deals.

What awards are achieved by Sadio Mané?

Sadio Mané is a well-known footballer who has achieved several awards because of his skills and the game he plays. He has won 7 awards in his career, namely the FIFA Club World Cup, the EFL Cup, The Austrian Bundesliga, the Austrian Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, and the Africa Cup of Nations.

What was the transfer fee for Sadio Mané?

Every player has worth according to their skills and experience, but keep in mind the transfer fee of any player is not fixed; there is a margin for negotiation. Al-Nassr paid ₦29,976,800,600 for Sadio Mané when the team bought him, whereas Bayern Munich bought him for ₦25,925,881,600.

What is Sadio Mané’s salary currently in Al-Nassr?

Sadio Mané currently plays for Al-Nassr Club in Saudi Arabia. He has signed a 4-year contract that will end in 2027. His salary at the club is ₦634,341,560 per week.

How much does Sadio Mané earn from New Balance?

Sadio Mané is a classic player who earns a lot not only from football but also from several endorsement deals and sponsorships. He also earns from Indonesia Tourism, Western Union, and endorsing brands like New Balance combined, making him around ₦3,820,000,000.

Sadio Mané is a world-renowned footballer who is known to be one of the wealthiest footballers, with a net worth of more than ₦60,763,785,000. He has recently joined Al-Nassr Club Saudi Arabia after leaving Munich. With more than five awards, Sadio has made it possible for him to make his name in the list of top famous, rich, and professional footballers.

He started his career in January 2012, and over time, due to his experience and practice, he has excelled in several skills. Furthermore, Sadio Mané not only earns from his profession but also from endorsement deals, sponsorship deals, investments, and social media. Plus, he also receives lots of bonuses due to his game that add a noticeable amount to his net worth.

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