Ahmed Musa Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦55969643
  • Salary per Week: ₦13992410.75
  • Annual Salary: ₦671635716
  • Other Income Sources: Interviews, Media appearances, endorsements, advertisements, and investments.

In this world of soccer, if there is someone who can change the direction of a match, revitalize the underperforming team, and alter the destiny of the league, that is Ahmed Musa. He has become a leading Nigerian footballer who also plays for leagues and championships. The sportsperson has earned a list of awards and titles because of his performance.

Probably, Ahmed Musa is the only one in the soccer world who has no haters, and it seems everyone likes his game. His unrivaled performance not only makes him famous but also a rich personality in the European and African football realms. Let’s investigate his monthly income, assets, and net worth in detail.

Overview Of Ahmed Musa & His Salary

Ahmed Musa Salary
Name:Ahmed Musa
Date of Birth:14/10/1992

He started his career in 2008 and surprised everyone with his performance. He won a Golden Boot in the 2009-10 season of the Nigerian Premier League as a reward for being the best player in the league. Musa did not limit himself in the league but signed a deal with CSKA Moscow for 13 billion naira.

Musa changed the destiny of CSKA Moscow and later joined Al-Nassae FC of the Saudi Premier League. It made him famous all around the world, from Europe to Africa, and then in the Middle East, as he became the player of the year of the Saudi League. During this career development, he has earned billions of naira and built a 7.4 billion net worth.

Currently, he is playing for the Turkish club Fatih Karagümrük S.K. His per month income in the club is ₦55,969,643, whereas he receives other facilities such as accommodation, meals, medical care, free training, and coaching plus the travel expenses. Interestingly, he has other sources of income, such as interviews or advertisements.

Ahmed Musa’s Career As A Footballer

As I have mentioned above, Musa is a famous personality all around the world, so companies hire him for advertising or branding their products. They pay millions of naira for such activities to Musa. Additionally, he has some passive sources that pay him with the passage of time, such as interviews, inaugurations, and so on.


Interviewing a sportsperson like Musa is a big deal for any TV channel as it increases the rating on three continents. Musa is the most famous player in Africa, and he is known as the Cheetah of the Nigerian National Team Because of his speed. Therefore, he often appears on African TV shows and the sports news to offer his expert analysis and entertaining interviews.

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The press conferences you often see after the match or before starting a league or tournament are also paid. Actually, these conferences have featured backgrounds with the logos or names of the products. These companies pay him millions of naira per year for such activities, including promoting their brands passively.

Media & Public Appearances

There is a list of channels from the Middle Eastern to Turkish and European to Russian platforms that offer him a paid visit. He is a former player of a Russian club, so the channels often invite him as a legendary player of the Moscow club with his other teammates. He has played for the Saudi club, so he often appears on Arabic sports channels and public events in Arabia.

The main source of his income is playing football, but because Musa is a renowned personality, clubs often invite him for their inaugurations, coaching, or for events. According to the data, he has recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and paid a visit to his old club for an anniversary event.


Endorsements are a type of promoting the brands or products by passively indicating that you are associated with the brand. Interestingly, he has promoted Nike, Pepsi, EA Sports, and other international companies. He often wears Nike shoes, uses shirts or caps with the logo of EA Sports, and holds the Pepsi Cup during the rest of the match to promote certain brands and make money.


Ahmed Musa is the rockstar of football, especially the Nigerian soccer team, and choosing such an incredible player for advertising the products is the best way to increase sales. He has signed long-term and short-term deals with advertising companies from national and international platforms. He appears in the ads, which are often telecasted on TV and presented on social media.


Ahmed Musa has invested in different businesses, such as football academies in Turkey and Nigeria, and he has opened clothing brands. Musa has invested in hoteling businesses in Saudi Arabia and has purchased stocks of well-known companies. In a short time period, he will launch his own team after retirement from the Nigerian Premier League.

Ahmed Musa’s Assets

Ahmed Musa is an influential character of the African country as he owns billions of naira net worth. Interestingly, he lives in a lavish house with his expensive pets and has incredibly good-looking cars. Let’s see his car collection and his houses.


Ahmed Musa is a fan of expensive cars as his garage is full of millions of naira worth of vehicles. According to his assistant, his favorite car is the Mercedes Benz CLS, worth 70 million naira. Additionally, he has a 2017 Porsche Macan, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Range Rover Sport, and Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth of ₦30 million, ₦25 million, ₦40 million and ₦60 million respectively.

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Other people live in houses, but Musa owns a huge mansion like a king. His house is located in Nigeria, which has a gym, pool, and training area.

He has a large parking and garden in the beginning where guards are protecting the expensive pets. He owns Cheetahs, lions, and tigers with other rare cats and dangerous dogs.

What is the origin of Ahmed Musa?

Musa started his career at GBS football academy.

How old is Musa, Nigeria?

Musa is a senior player of the Nigerian National teams. He is 31 years old, and he was born in October of 1992.

Which state is Musa from?

He is of Nigerian origin and was born in the city of Jos. Ahmed Musa belongs to the Plateau State of Nigeria.

Is Musa a real name?

Ahmed Musa’s real name is Musa. It is an Arabic name derived from the Islamic Holy Book Quran. The name belongs to an Israeli prophet known as Moses in the Bible.

Musa has shown what a man can become with the fire of courage and thunder of passion for a sport. He has emerged as an unstoppable player in the world of football; he said that so many people were against him when he was selected as a national team player, and he impressed them not with revenge but with the help of winning their hearts by presenting his performance. He is the only player in the team who had no support from influential personalities, and he progressed on his own.

His efforts and endless hope to become the best player made him famous and one of the richest sportspersons in Nigeria. Currently, he is enjoying a lavish lifestyle with his family in Turkey. We should understand his efforts behind his performance and acknowledge his sincerity with the national team, which made him a superstar in the soccer world.

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