Airforce Recruitment | Requirements to Join Nigeria Airforce

For those who are interested in joining the Nigerian Air Force, this is the time for you. The Nigerian Air Force recruitment 2023 – 2024 has been conducted by the Nigerian Air Force. The opportunity is for those who are interested in joining the Air Force of Nigeria which is one of the best air forces known throughout Africa.

To help you with the recruitment procedure and let you know about the step-by-step process and what requirements you have to fulfill beforehand we have compiled this guide. The guide has every necessary and important information that you should have if you are planning to join the Nigerian Air Force.nown armed forces of Nigeria that recruits capable and young Nigerians every year.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Information

The Nigerian Air Force conducts recruitment three times a year. The officials announced the dates beforehand so the interested candidates could prepare beforehand.

Moreover, keep in mind the recruitment for those who are graduates and for those who are non-graduates are different. We are calling graduates to those who have BSC, HND, or equivalent certificates.

Alternatively, those who want to become commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy by using SSCE certificates, join the Navy Via Nigerian Defense Academy. They have to spend five years in the academy before getting commissioned into the Air Force. Now let’s look at the other relevant details about Nigerian recruitment including the basic requirements and what is the procedure to get enrolled in the organization.

Types of Recruitment In Nigerian Air Force

There are two types of Nigerian Air Forcrecruitmentts. DSSC and BMTC. BMTC is a six months training program whereas DSSC is less than 6 months. Let’s look at the details of both of these recruitment exercises.

Nigerian Air Force DSSC Requirements For Recruitment

DSSC stands for Direct Short Service Commission. It is the type of commission in the Nigerian Air Force that is available for both serving military personnel and civilians. The course is mainly for degree holders who already have degrees in their specific fields.

The training period is less than six months for this type of course. Moreover, the successful candidates directly get the rank of commissioned officer after completing the exercise. The age limit for the SSC recruitment is 25 to 40 years.

Nigerian Air Force BMTC

BMTC stands for Basic Military Training Course. This is a type of short-period training course for those who want to become airmen and airwomen.

The course is approximately six months particularly for those individuals who have secondary school certificates or equivalent degrees compatible including the National Diploma Certificate, trade test certificate, NABTEB, and other equivalent ones. The age limit for BMTC recruitment is between 18 to 22 years.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Requirements

Following are some of the Air Force recruitment requirements that you must have to fulfill to get enrolled in the Nigerian Air Force. These details of the requirements must be ensured beforehand. The list includes,

  • An applicant must be a Nigerian. He should be a Nigerian by birth and should have an identity card in Nigeria.
  • Make sure that the minimum height of male applicants should not be less than 1.65 meters whereas the minimum height for female applicants applying for the Nigerian Air Force should not be less than 1.63 meters.
  • The next important thing that applicants must have to make sure of is that they are at least 18 years of age. They should be a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 22 years mainly for BMTC recruitment exercise.
  • Alternatively, for those applicants who are joining as medical consultants, there is this exception for them. Their age can vary between 25 to 40 years depending upon the degree and education level they have.
  • All the applicants should be medically and physically fit.
  • Every applicant should have a bank verification number BVN beforehand to apply for the recruitment.
  • Applicants should have a local government area attestation form with them.
  • In case you are applying as a tradesman you have to provide your trade test or trade certificate depending upon the case.
  • Every applicant should be single, he should not be married nor should have any kids.
  • If you are a woman applying for Nigerian Air Force recruitment you need to make sure that you are not pregnant.
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How To Apply For Nigerian Airforce Recruitment?

Here is the guide to tell you about how to apply for the Nigerian Air Force recruitment 2023-2024. In order to apply for the Nigerian Air Force recruitment you have to follow the following mentioned step-by-step procedure. What you have to do is to:

  • Visit the Nigerian Air Force recruitment portal by clicking on,
  • After visiting the website fill in all the required information.
  • Make sure to upload all the necessary documents. Keep in mind to upload the original documents and make sure to fulfill every requirement.
  • Ensure that you have submitted a valid phone number and have added a functional email address. This is important because the officials will contact you through your email and phone number.
  • Now save the form.
  • Recheck the form and make sure you have not made any mistakes because even the slightest mistake can lead you towards automatic disqualification.
  • Click on submit to apply.
  • Now print out the acknowledgment form and wait until the shortlist comes out.


What are the duties of the Air Force in Nigeria?

The Air Force assists and enforces international law conventions and practices in Nigeria via space activities. It protects the country and takes care of all the security and safety of the country’s territory through aerial activities.

How many air forces do we have in Nigeria?

There are 18,000 active personnel in Nigeria currently. The Nigerian armed forces are one of the best and largest armed forces in the world. It is one of the young air forces that is known for its largest men’s force and has the latest fighting equipment including attack drones, attack helicopters, and surveillance drones SAM.

How many months is Nigerian Air Force training?

The Nigerian Air Force recruitment exercise is different for DSSC and BMTC and is categorized into BMTC recruitment and DSSC recruitment. BMTC recruitment is a short training period that is less than six months. Alternatively, DSSC recruitment is for those who already have specialization in certain disciplines and those who want to join the Nigerian army as a commissioned officer.

What is the age requirement for applicants to join the Nigerian Air Force?

All of the applicants who are interested in joining the Nigerian Air Force should be at least 18 years old. 18 years is a minimum age whereas 22 years is a maximum age for BMTC recruitment. Alternatively, for DSSC recruitment you have an age limit between 25 to 40 years, depending upon your education and degree you have.

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What are the basic Air Force recruitment requirements?

To get enrolled in the Nigerian Air Force you have to fulfill certain basic requirements that are not overlooked by the professionals. You need to make sure that the applicant is in between the age range and is physically and medically fit. You also have to make sure that an applicant is Nigerian by birth and has a minimum height of 1.65 meters if he is a male and a minimum height of 1.63 meters if she is a female.

What is the procedure to apply for Nigerian Air Force recruitment?

To apply for Nigerian Air Force equipment, visit the official website of the Nigerian Air Force recruitment portal. Now fill in the required information and make sure to enter the correct details so your application easily proceeds and does not get automatically disqualified. Now upload all the important documents that are necessary and make sure to click on save and submit.

Final Thoughts

The Nigerian Armed Forces are one of the best-armed forces in the world. It is one of the main parts of the Nigerian military that takes care of the country’s territory through airspace. It is the youngest force in the military that was founded on 18th April 1964.

This above-mentioned article tells you everything about the Air Force recruitment procedure: what are the recruitment requirements and what criteria do you have to fulfill beforehand? Make sure to keep an eye on the details mentioned above before applying because applying appropriately and fulfilling every requirement increases your chances of getting enrolled in the Nigerian Air Force. Moreover, the guide also talks about step-by-step procedures to apply so you can have an idea about what you have to do to join the Nigerian Air Force.

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