Kedi Healthcare Salary in Nigeria

You may have already heard the name of Kedi Healthcare and the exceptional employment opportunities it provides in Nigeria. However, you must have a complete overview of Kedi Healthcare salary packages that go with various job titles.

Organization Name:Kedi Healthcare
Monthly Salary Range:₦5814000 – ₦14802000
Average Monthly Salary:₦10308000
Organization Description:Kedi Healthcare is a Pharmaceutical and Healthcare brand that supplies medicines and equipment all across the world. The best thing about this brand is that it uses Chinese traditional medicinal antidotes and herbs in their medicines, which makes them all the more effective and efficient.
Minimum Qualification:There are various professionals involved in the operations of this company, and each profession has its own qualification criteria. In addition to that, it is a Conglomerate that is operational in various countries, so the qualification criteria also vary depending on the target country.

For your ease, I am about to list down the salary ranges and their averages with their respective job titles in the following article. I suggest you read it out very carefully so that you can get all your facts straight.

Overview of Kedi Healthcare Salary

Kedi Healthcare is hands down one of the best and oldest healthcare brands that supply its products all across the globe. In addition to that, it has its branches in various countries as well. Plus, it employs thousands of employees all over the globe.

Furthermore, the pay packages are also quite competitive since they employ top-tier professionals with adequate educational qualifications. The average monthly paycheck of a single employee working at Kedi Healthcare is about ₦ 10,616,000.

Salary Structure

Medical Doctor141,631,029177,623,477161,809,010
Business Manager84,040,985108,131,90095,895,907
Finance Officer83,933,042103,294,90992,767,195
Business Consultant73,989,20298,097,29085,974,964

Does Kedi Healthcare offer good employment opportunities in Nigeria?

Yes, Kedi Healthcare offers excellent employment opportunities to Nigerian residents. The pay packages are also comparatively higher than other local healthcare brands operating in Nigeria. Besides that, they also provide ample opportunities for career growth.

So, it is safe to say that Kedi Healthcare is one of the best and most vibrant healthcare brands operational all across the globe. It provides excellent employment opportunities to all its employees, especially those living in Nigeria. The pay packages are excellent, and the growth opportunities are abundant.

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