Electrical Engineering Salary in Nigeria

If you are thinking about selecting electrical engineering as your primary and you’re planning to go with electrical engineering as your profession, you can reliably choose it because there is a wide range of opportunities for Electrical engineers in both private sectors and public sectors in Nigeria.

Occupation:Electrical Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:₦148141 – ₦499133
Average Monthly Salary:₦323637
Description:Electrical engineers work with electricity and create, design, and manage electricity to brighten the world.
Minimum Qualification:B.E, B.S, B.Tech

Since electrical engineers deal with the creation, design, and management of electricity and are considered the problem solvers for the issues related to electricity, they are in high demand as technology is advancing in Nigeria.

They are highly regarded in construction firms, power companies, telecommunication companies, manufacturing industries, and government agencies in Nigeria. If you are looking for the facts and figures related to electrical engineering occupation, their salary structure bonus, and the professional responsibilities in Nigeria, you are at the right place.

This guide covers everything about electrical engineering and tells you a general overview of salaries with average and approximate figures so you can know how much you can earn as an electrical engineer in Nigeria.

Overview of Electrical Engineering Salary

Electrical engineering is one of the highly regarded and highly paid professions in Nigeria. The average salary an electrical engineer in Nigeria can get is approximately around ₦ 3,792,300 per year. This becomes about ₦ 316,025 per month.

The median salary of an electrical engineer working in Nigeria is ₦ 4,019,900 per year. That means half of the electrical engineers in Nigeria earn more than this, and half of the electrical engineers earn less. The salary is not fixed because it is dependent upon several factors, including skills, professional experience, qualifications, degree you have, area, and the company you are working in.

Since electrical engineering is in high demand in the country, the profession is undoubtedly highly regarded, and it comes under the list of some of the highest-paid jobs in Nigeria. Let’s look at the details of the extra bonuses an electrical engineer can get in Nigeria and what are the professional responsibilities that an electrical engineer in his field must have to fulfill.


There is an excellent opportunity to earn a reasonable monthly or yearly income for electrical engineers in Nigeria because they also get several bonuses and incentives based on their work. The compilation of bonuses, extra payments, incentives, and tips with the base salary creates a net pay of quite a noticeable amount.

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Moreover, electrical engineers in Nigeria get an increment of 11% every 19 months in their average pay while serving in the same firm. Plus, the results we have received after our research tell us that only around 54% of the electrical engineers in Nigeria have received a single bonus in one year, whereas 46% have not received any reward in the last 12 months.

Salary Structure

Salaries On The Basis Of Professional Experience

  • The salaries of electrical engineers in Nigeria greatly vary based on their professional experience. As we all know, the more years of experience in a particular field, the higher your wage will be, as with electrical engineering.
  • Those with 0 to 2 years of experience in this field can make up an annual wage of approximately ₦ 2,052,200.
  • Those who have 2 to 5 years of experience can earn somewhere about ₦ 2,831,100 per year.
  • Moreover, the professionals who have experience of 5 to 10 years in the field can make up to ₦ 4,032,100 per year.
  • Furthermore, highly skilled professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience have made it possible for them to make up an annual income of ₦ 4,919,600.
  • Lastly, those with more than 15 years of experience can earn a salary range between ₦ 5,183,700 to ₦ 5,651,400 per year.

Salaries Based On Gender

There is a noticeable difference in the salaries of male and female electrical engineers in Nigeria. It has been noticed that males earn 15% more than females in the same profession. The approximate salary a male electrical engineer gets is ₦ 4,093,700, and a female electrical engineer gets around ₦ 3,553,500.

Responsibilities Of Doctors

  • Electrical engineers are involved in designing, developing, and testing electrical devices and constructing electrical equipment.
  • They must deal with communication systems, motors, power generators, and navigation systems. They also work with electrical systems of aircraft and automobiles.
  • Electrical engineers are responsible for electrical equipment manufacturing and dealing with electrical devices and systems.
  • They are responsible for designing, implementing, improving, and maintaining the electrical instruments and appliances.
  • An electrical engineer makes connections and establishes them by performing various calculations and experiments.
  • They are responsible for installations, operations, and management of electrical systems to fulfill the customer’s demands.
  • They have to write reports and compile data about the research and practical experiments about their performance.
  • Electrical engineers also have to supervise their young team members and train them according to the task.
  • They are also involved in maintaining electrical equipment.
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What is the average salary an electrical engineer gets while working in Nigeria?

An electrical engineer, while working in Nigeria, can get an average of ₦ 316,025 per month. This becomes ₦ 3,792,300 per year when converted into a yearly salary. Keep in mind these are not fixed figures; instead, they are approximate figures because the salary of an electrical engineer varies according to his skill level, professional experience, education, qualification, and the organization he is working in.

Is there any scope for electrical engineers in Nigeria?

Yes, electrical engineers are highly in demand in Nigeria. With the advancement of technology, there is an excellent scope for electrical engineers in Nigeria. It is one of the highest-paid and highly regarded professions that can give you a handsome amount of monthly and yearly wage to earn a good living.

What is the maximum amount you can earn as an electrical engineer while working in Nigeria?

The highest monthly salary that you can get as an electrical engineer in Nigeria is somewhere about ₦ 499,133 per month. This becomes ₦ 5,989,600 per year. The pay is an approximated figure that significantly varies according to the variability in factors like skill, professional experience, education, and the area you are working in.

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