Computer Science Salary in Nigeria

A detailed overview of Computer Science salary, the roles and responsibilities of Computer Scientists, and the future career prospects will give you a full insight into this career. It will help you make a better and well-informed decision of whether or not you want to start a career in this field.

Occupation:Computer Science
Monthly Salary Range:₦287000 – ₦801000
Average Monthly Salary:₦544000
Description:Computer Scientists are responsible for creating and developing hardware and software that solve modern-day problems effortlessly. They analyze various software and technologies and gauge their efficiency in handling large data of businesses and industries.
Minimum Qualification:You must have a minimum of five credit passes in SSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB in the maximum of not more than two sittings. The subjects passed at credit level must include the subjects of English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and any other science or social science subjects (Economics/Geography).

In addition to all that, you must also know the minimum qualification criteria for this course. So, in answer to all these queries, I am about to write a comprehensive guide based on my own personal experience in this field while living in Nigeria. So, I would suggest that you take some time to give a thorough read to the following complete article!

Overview of Computer Science Salary

So, it is safe to assume that the job of a Computer Scientist is a highly rewarding one in Nigeria. It pays well also, with an average monthly salary of ₦ 544,000. The qualification criteria are a little tough for Computer Scientists in Nigeria since you will have to pass at least five credit exams in the maximum of two sittings; otherwise, you will not be eligible to practice Computer science in Nigeria!

Salary Structure

DesignationSalary Package in Naira (₦)
Application Support Engineer₦ 90,000
Application Support Analyst₦ 105,000
Application Developer₦ 138,000
Associate Consultant₦ 243,000

Responsibilities of Computer Scientists

1. Computer Programming

One of the major responsibilities of Computer Scientists is computer programming. It involves writing a sequence of instructions in a language that the machines can understand and perform. Computer programming is also known as coding in simple words.

Computer programmers are also responsible for coding new applications and testing the proficiency of existing applications. It is simply the coding difference that makes one application more successful and efficient than the other counterparts.

2. Investigating Technological Fields

It is also the responsibility of Computer Scientists to investigate various technological fields and figure out what is the best and most successful of all. They are the experts in Artificial Intelligence and strive towards making it better and more useful in daily life. Other than that, they also work on Robotics and virtual reality.

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3. Enhance Existing Computer Software

It is also the responsibility of the Computer Scientists to continuously work towards the betterment and enhancement of existing computer software. They foresee the possible technical problems in software that might occur in the future and then devise changes that help avoid those problems in the form of updates.

4. Develop New Hardware

All the latest hardware you see in the market every now and then is invented, designed, and developed by Computer Scientists. It is all thanks to their efforts that we see high-class latest hardware that is slim enough to be easily portable.

5. Analyze And Interpret Data

It is not only the responsibility of Computer Scientists to write down computer-understandable language but also to decipher the coded language designed by other scientists. Computer Scientists take great pride in developing complex machine language, but it is also their duty to try and decipher what their colleagues have created.

6. Adapt to Latest Advancements in Technology

It is also the responsibility of Computer Scientists to foresee and adapt useful technological advancements. They consider the impacts of these advancements and then carry them out without disrupting the existing mechanical running of the machines.

Are Computer Scientists paid well in Nigeria?

Yes, Computer Scientists are paid exceptionally well in Nigeria. In fact, they are one of the most highly paid professionals in the country. It is mainly due to the fact that these professionals are so low in quantity while the demand for them is sky-high.

What does a Computer Scientist do?

A Computer Scientist is responsible for a myriad of jobs. For instance, it is their responsibility to write machine-understandable language in order to develop new applications and software. Other than that, they also develop new hardware, test the proficiency of the existing hardware, and basically do everything related to technology and machines.

What makes a good Computer Scientist?

A good computer scientist is the one who knows how to handle multiple tasks at once. He/she can manage complex data calculations and is proficient in coding. In addition to that, a good Computer Scientist can also foresee and solve prospective problems in computer hardware and software.

So, it is safe to say that Computer Science is a flourishing career in Nigeria. Plus, the best part is that the demand for Computer Scientists in Nigeria is way higher than the supply for fully qualified and competent professionals. This is the reason why the salary packages of Computer Scientists in Nigeria are way higher than any other profession.

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So, if you are thinking about starting a career in Computer Science, then I would definitely suggest that you start off without any hesitation. It is indeed a very fulfilling career with interesting job roles that will make you want to work every day of your life.

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