BESDA Salary in Nigeria

BESDA, or Better Education Delivery Service to All, hires facilitators who help and guide the local teaching and non-teaching staff to provide quality education to out-of-school children. It is a great initiative to provide quality primary education to Nigerians. If you wish to join the program, dig into the details below to get an idea.

Organization Name:BESDA (Better Education Delivery Service to All)
Monthly Salary Range:₦160000 – ₦340000
Average Monthly Salary:₦250000
Organization Description:The facilitators hired by BESDA are responsible for providing primary education to all children out of school. They try to improve the existing educational system and make the students learn.
Minimum Qualification:The educational requirements differ for every facilitator depending upon their responsibility. A person hired to teach the students must have relevant experience in the field. It will be different than the requirements of employees working at the office.

The information helps us know about the maximum and minimum salaries. Moreover, it is excellent for people who aim to improve the education system. You can join BESDA, increase awareness amongst the locals, and earn a good amount every month.

Overview of BESDA Salary

The Better Education Delivery Service to All or BESDA is an initiative to provide primary education to all children out of school. The program aims to ensure an appropriate level of literacy and carry out the policies of UBEC. It offers flexible and homegrown solutions so that children in Nigeria can study.

The BESDA program hires facilitators to guide and support the local government in planning long-term agendas. They get paid according to their responsibilities on federal and state levels. If you want more details related to BESDA, dig into the information below.

Hence, an average salary of ₦ 250,000 is earned by the BESDA facilitators. They make a decent amount every month by fulfilling their responsibilities towards the people.

Responsibilities of BESDA Facilitators

A few responsibilities of BESDA facilitators are as follows.

  • They must conduct basic research on the educational system in Nigeria and develop centers.
  • The facilitators must ensure the implementation of the syllabus and support the local teachers.
  • They should coordinate and supervise the staff and recruit the teaching and non-teaching staff.

A brief article on BESDA salary is written so people who want to become a facilitator can have an idea. They can learn about the basic salary and decide to join it. Hence, the salaries vary according to the prior experience and educational background.

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