Is Nigeria Army Form Out? Closing Date to Join Army

Are you nesting the dream of joining the Nigerian Army but aren’t aware of the procedure? The article has all the information that will help you apply for the Nigerian Army during the next session. All the dates along with requirements are discussed as guidance for the interested candidates.

Scroll down to know when the form comes out and where to apply. I am sure you’ll get enough information to apply during the next recruit intake.

Is Nigeria Army Form Out?

The most common question that you’ll hear among the young Nigerians is related to the army forms. Most of them wish to join the army and keep looking for important dates. The Nigerian Army 86 Regular Recruit Intake form is out and the candidates have been selected for the next session.

The form for the 2023-2024 session was out on 25th September. An official statement was made for the general public on the Nigerian Army website. All the interested candidates got the chance to apply for the army by filling out the application form on the website.

The non-tradesmen and women had the opportunity to apply till 25th October. There was no fee for the application; hence the recruitment process was free. The shortlisted candidates had to participate in the Recruitment Screening Exercise to make it to the next level.

Before applying for the Nigerian Army, you should understand the recruitment process because it is tough. The requirements for the Nigerian Army 86 RRI are given so the interested candidates can have an idea.


  • The candidate must be a Nigerian citizen by birth.
  • The age of the interested person must be between 18 and 22 years. People who do not fall into this age range cannot apply.
  • The candidate must have 5 credits in WASSCE.
  • He/she should be of good character and must be sane.
  • The individual must not suffer from any physical or mental issue. He should be medically fit for the post.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Form Dates

As mentioned, the Nigerian Army recruitment dates were announced on the official website. The application form was out on 25th September and the portal was open for the next 15 days. The last date for the application for the Nigerian Army was 10th October 2023.

The term 86RRI means that the Nigerian Army is recruiting permanent staff members for the 86 Regular Recruit Intake. A total of 6000 vacancies were available at the time of recruitment. The number of intakes for the 86 RRI was the same as for 85 RRI.

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Salary Of Army Officers

The salary of the army officers is decided according to their rank. You will join as a Second Lieutenant and can earn around ₦ 120,000 monthly. The amount increases as soon as you get promoted to a higher rank.

The Lieutenant earns ₦ 180,000 whereas, the Captain can make around ₦ 220,000 monthly. Hence, you can get recruited after filling out the form.

How To Join the Nigerian Army?

Many youngsters in Nigeria wish to join the Army and serve their country. There are times when one cannot get in due to multiple reasons. Well, you shouldn’t be sad because there is a chance to join the Nigerian Army after graduating.

The Nigerian Army has started a program that is only meant for graduates. It is known as the DSSC or SSC and recruits graduates from recognized universities. The Direct Short Service Commission and Short Service Commission is a great initiative by the Nigerian armed forces.

Requirements To Join the Army As A Graduate

The requirements are the same for a graduate who wishes to join the army. A few of them are mentioned so you can have an idea before applying for the army.

  • The graduates who wish to join the Nigerian army should be citizens of the country as per the Constitution.
  • The age of the candidate should be between 22 and 35 years. People younger or older than this are not eligible for DSSC or SSC.
  • Two reference letters must be submitted from a local government officer or an Army officer that guarantee the applicant’s good character.
  • The applicants must not have any criminal record.
  • The degree should be provided with all the documents as proof of your graduation. Original copies of all the certificates should be attached.
  • Applicants should not be a member of any society.
  • Physical appearance is very important when it comes to recruitment. The candidate’s body must not have any inscriptions or tattoos.

Hence, these are some requirements that should be fulfilled if one wishes to join the Nigerian army after getting a degree. Please visit the official website if you want to know more about the recruitment process.

What is the lowest rank in the army?

The lowest rank in the army for a commissioned officer is the Second Lieutenant. Meanwhile, the lowest rank for the non-commissioned officer is private.

An informative article on Nigeria’s army forms is written so that interested candidates can apply. The important dates should always be remembered because the form comes out only once a year. All the details related to the Nigerian army recruitment are on the official website.

You can look out for the dates and fill in the form to get recruited. The requirements should be fulfilled so you can go to the screening exercise.

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