Civil Engineering Salary in Nigeria

As Nigeria is one of those countries that has been going through rapid development over the years, the one career high in demand there is civil engineering. This is why many students lean towards it without a second thought.

Occupation: Civil Engineering
Monthly Salary Range:₦82000 – ₦226000
Average Monthly Salary:₦154000
Description:A civil engineer is responsible for designing and constructing different infrastructure projects across the country.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum level of qualification required to become a civil engineer is a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

The average salary of a civil engineer in the country is ₦154,000. With time, the individual can get better-paying jobs with higher salary packages; in fact, they can also move to other countries if their company is operating there.

Overview of Civil Engineering Salary

No doubt, civil engineering is a very promising career in Nigeria, but the individual needs to have at least a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. They need to understand the safety and quality measures and standards and make sure every project of theirs meets those standards.

The average salary of a civil engineer in Nigeria is ₦154,000. If a person desires to increase this amount, they need to increase their level of qualification, gain experience, and pick higher-paying industries.

Salary Structures

In civil engineering, the salary structure depends upon the experience level of the individual. Those with little to no experience in the field are at the bottom of the hierarchy, while those with 15 or more years of experience are at the top of the hierarchy.

RankSalary per MonthSalary per Year
Entry-Level Civil Engineer₦82,000₦984,000
Assistant Civil Engineer₦109,000₦1,308,000
Mid-Level Civil Engineer₦118,000₦1,416,000
Senior-Level Civil Engineer₦226,000₦2,712,000

Responsibilities of Civil Engineering

The first major responsibility of civil engineers in Nigeria is that they are in charge of designing foolproof construction plans. They also need to monitor those plans during construction to ensure that the actual project design follows what has been drawn up on paper. Moreover, maintenance of infrastructure projects also falls under their job description.

In addition to that, making sure that the entire infrastructure project meets the safety standards is also the duty of a civil engineer. They also need to maintain the quality of the project while remaining within the budgets provided to them.

Does the location of the job affect the salary of the civil engineer in Nigeria?

Yes, the location of the job directly affects the salary of the civil engineer in Nigeria. Those who are working in major parts of the country, such as Lagos or Abuja, are offered better salary packages as compared to those civil engineers who are working in rural areas or the smaller cities of Nigeria.

Is civil engineering a good career in Nigeria?

Yes, civil engineering is one of those careers that have a promising future in Nigeria. As the development level of the country is growing rapidly, it has also increased the demand for civil engineers in both government and private sectors, making it a good career.

What are the factors that affect civil engineering salaries in Nigeria?

The major factors that affect civil engineering salaries in Nigeria are the qualification level of the individual as well as their work experience in the field. In addition to that, the job location, industry type, and company also have an effect on the final salary package of the civil engineer.

What are the best ways to increase my earning potential as a civil engineer in Nigeria?

The best way to increase your earning potential as a civil engineer in Nigeria is to get a higher level of qualification. In addition to that, working for larger names instead of smaller companies is another way to increase earning potential, especially because the experience gained at a larger company will hold a more promising position in the resume as compared to the years spent at a smaller company.

What is the lowest-paying civil engineering job in Nigeria?

The lowest-paying civil engineering job in Nigeria is an entry-level job in any company. This job comes with the lowest salary package, such as ₦82,000 on average.

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