Nigeria Correctional Service Ranks and Salary

Are you planning to join the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS)? Then, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the ranks and salary structure within the organization. This guide will explore in depth the hierarchical positions of the NCS, offering valuable insight into the role of and wages for each rank.

This information will provide a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision about your future career. Therefore, keep reading to gain insight.

Nigerian Correctional Service Ranks and Salary

Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) is a government agency, previously identified as the Nigeria Prison Service, tasked with managing and overseeing correctional facilities. This government organization’s headquarters is located in Abuja. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior and is under the umbrella of the Civil Defense, Immigration, and Correctional Service.

Moreover, this agency is also tasked with managing, rehabilitating, and reforming individuals in custody within the country’s correctional facilities. Their main responsibility is to provide additional care to prisoners and facilitate rehabilitation, ensuring they can successfully reintegrate into society.

Due to their arduous task, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) stands out as one of the paramilitary agencies in Nigeria with one of the most competitive salary structures. Therefore, many seek jobs in this agency due to their higher compensation structure. The salary of NCS personnel highly depends on their ranks and position in the agency; hence, your salary will also increase as you progress through the ranks.

So, the question is, what are the Nigerian Correctional Service ranks and salary? Let me explain it you the hierarchical system in this agency, as well as the salary structure:

Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) Hierarchy Structure

If you are applying for Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), you must have a detailed understanding of this agency’s ranks and hierarchy structure. Considering the administrative hierarchy of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), the Comptroller General holds the highest position within the agency, serving as the head of the organization.

The Comptroller General collaborates with the president through the Minister of Interior and the Civil Defense, Fire, Immigration, and Prison Services Board to supervise the management of all prison services in the country. Furthermore, the Comptroller General is assisted by six Deputy Comptroller General (DCGs), each leading a regulatory division known as the ‘Directorate’ for effective administration.

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) hierarchy follows a descending order based on positions within the service. Let me list down the order of ranking within the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS):

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NCS Ranks

NCS RanksDescription
Comptroller General of Prisons (CGP)Highest rank in the Nigaria Prison Service’s hierarchy. They also serve as the head of this government agency.
Deputy Comptroller General (DCG)They are second in the rank. The NPS has six DCGs, each leading one of the six administrative divisions.
Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP)They hold the rank of Grade Level 16 and oversee the zonal commands of NPS.
Comptroller of Prison (CP)Their main task is to oversee and supervise prisons within each state.
Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP)They are at level 14 and are responsible for managing the zones, including the establishment of the organizational zones.
Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP)They hold the rank of Grade Level 13 and have higher authority than CSP.
Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP)They supervise the entire prison complex, manage internal operations, and ensure security and inmates’ well-being.
Superintendent of Prison (SP)They hold the rank of Grade Level 11.
Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP)They hold the second-highest position at the unit level, following the prison warden. They primarily focus on administrative tasks.
Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASP I)They hold senior managerial positions within the organization.
Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASP II)They ensure the well-being of the housed prisoners.
Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP)Grade Level 7
Inspector of Prison (IP)They are responsible for overseeing the entire prison complex, monitoring all institutional operations, and more.
Prison Assistant (PAI)They assist IP in carrying out daily tasks related to operating the facility and ensuring the welfare of inmates.

Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) Salary Structure

The salary of NCS personnel depends on their experience level, qualifications, and ranks. Since it’s a hierarchy-based system, the salary structure within the organization varies depending on the rank and position. Therefore, your salary will increase as you get promotions and advance in rank.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Correctional Service manages all staff payments through the government payment system known as the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS). This system plays a significant role in ensuring that the officers receive wages based on their ranks in a hierarchical order, which is then added to their essential pay rates.

In addition, a prison worker can receive an annual salary ranging from ₦800,000 to ₦ 1 million. This implies the prison worker’s average monthly salary is about ₦50,000. Let me list down the salary according to rank and level:

NCS RanksAnnual Salary
Comptroller General of Prisons (CGP)Not disclosed
Deputy Comptroller General (DCG)Not disclosed
Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP)₦2,272,298 to ₦2,464,590
Comptroller of Prison (CP)₦1,759,991 to ₦1,966,291
Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP)₦1,619,497 to ₦1,825,599
Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP)₦1,225,596 to ₦1,405,499
Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP)₦1,158,172 to ₦1,325,234
Superintendent of Prison (SP)₦1,094,097 to ₦1,252,098
Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP)₦1,012,592 to ₦1,143,599
Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASP I)₦939,390 to ₦1,056,496
Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASP II)₦898,956 to ₦986,901
Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP)₦483,914 to ₦567,965
Inspector of Prison (IP)₦357,395 to ₦411,494
Prison Assistant (PAI)₦296,406 to ₦374,289

What is the correctional service in Nigeria?

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Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) is a government agency managing and supervising correctional facilities. This agency’s main goal is to ensure the safe custody of criminals and facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

What is the salary structure of the Nigerian Correctional Service?

The Nigerian Correctional Service manages staff wages using the government payment system known as the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS). CONPASS system ensures that the officers receive payments in hierarchical order according to their ranks.

In conclusion, the Nigerian Correctional Service is a government agency responsible for the welfare of inmates and assisting them in rehabilitation, ensuring they are successfully prepared for reintegration into society. On average, a prison worker’s annual salary ranges from ₦800,000 to ₦ 1 million.

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