NPF Training Allowance & Duration

Do you wish to join the Nigerian Police Force but aren’t sure about the monthly salary or allowances? If yes, the article explains the allowances of the NPF trainees according to their ranks. The duration of the training is also mentioned so Nigerians can have an idea before committing to a demanding job.

The training sessions are aggressive, and the salaries are less than those of all the other military departments.

Read until the end to know the allowances and decide whether to join the NPF.

Nigeria Police Force Training Allowance

The Nigerian Police Force offers varying training allowances, ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦50,000, depending on the rank. Recruits receive training for nine months, while higher-ranking officers, like Cadet ASP and Academy Cadets, undergo training for a year and five years, respectively. The article provides insights into the allowances and training durations, aiding potential recruits in making informed decisions.

The Nigerian Police Force, or NPF, is a paramilitary organization that helps fight crimes in Nigeria. It supports many communities and the federal government. However, the NPF is said to be a large organization with 36 state commands but is said to be the lowest-paid organization in the country.

The training allowance of the NPF is divided into different categories, so each recruit gets a different amount. All the recruits get trained for a different amount of time. The maximum training period is five years.

Training Duration

The training allowance for the Police recruits is only given for nine months. They are trained and paid monthly according to the training time. The Police recruits get the lowest salary, among others.

On the other hand, a Cadet ASP is paid for a year because that’s the requirement for their training. Lastly, the Academy Cadets get paid for five years because they are trained longer.

The variation in the training sessions is based on the ranks because the high-ranking officers go through intense specialized training sessions, whereas the constables are trained for a shorter time.

Police Recruits₦ 10,000 to ₦ 15,000
Cadet ASP₦ 15,000 to ₦ 20,000
Academy Cadets₦ 25,000 to ₦ 50,000

How Is The Nigerian Police Force Trained?

A Deputy Inspector General directs the police training as per the instructions. All the recruits are trained at different Police colleges. All the training academies employ a combination of practical and theoretical training sessions.

It is a great learning experience for trainees. The theoretical training includes lectures, insights, and information about police procedures and principles. Attending and understanding these are important for implementation during real-life scenarios.

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The practical exercises include rigorous physical fitness sessions that improve the strength and endurance of the trainee. Moreover, it also focuses on operational skills.

The curriculum for the police training academies changes with the evolving trends to address the challenges effectively. Getting through the training sessions is mandatory to prepare for the demanding role in the Nigerian Police Force.


A brief article on the NPF training allowance is written so people can know salaries before getting recruited. The trainees are paid according to their ranks. They are trained for different durations and paid accordingly.

The higher rank officers get more allowances, whereas the constables get less. You can have an idea about the allowances and training duration. Please decide to join the NFP after going through the article.

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