Mohamed Salah Salary per Week & Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦3338329494.29
  • Salary per Week: ₦834582373.5725
  • Annual Salary: ₦40059953931.48
  • Other Income Sources: Football clubs, commercial endorsements, and other image rights.

Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian professional footballer, also known as Mo Salah, plays as a right Winger or forward for Premier League Club Liverpool. In the football world, few of the names shine as bright as Mo Salah, who captains the Egypt National Team. Moreover, his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to sporting superstardom leads us to wonder about how much money Mohamed Salah makes in a month.

With a net worth of ₦68,813,550,000.00, Mohamed Salah is one of the highest-paid players in the sport. Furthermore, apart from his base salary, he also earns millions from endorsing some of the high-end brands. So, let’s look into Mohamed Salah’s potential earning sources, assets, net worth, along with other endorsements.

Overview of Mohamed Salah and His Salary

Mohamed Salah Salary
Name:Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly
Date of Birth:15/06/1992
Profession:Professional Footballer

The Liverpool star man Mohamed Salah is one of the best African players of all time and one of the best players of his generation. With a net worth of ₦68,813,550,000.00, according to Forbes, Salah has been the 23rd highest-paid athlete in the world in 2023. Furthermore, his estimated monthly income is around ₦3,338,329,494.29, which translates to around ₦40059953931.65 per year.

His staggering income has recently made headlines, with his lawyer and advisor revealing that the Liverpool forward could potentially earn at least ₦935,099,685.00 per week. His base salary is around ₦18,350,280,000.00, and he earns a significant amount from commercial endorsements. Moreover, his remarkable financial reward is a testament to his successful career and unmatchable talent.

Currently, he signed a three-year contract with Liverpool F.C. and made them agree to his demanded income. This means he earns a handsome amount only from the club, with an annual average salary of ₦17,022,988,955.70. Moreover, the contract ends in 2025; however, every club is ready to take him in and offer him the highest amount of money paid to a football player.

Mohamed Salah’s Career as a Professional Footballer

Salah began his football journey with the youth teams of local clubs like Ittihad Basyoun and Othmason Tanta. He joined Al Mokawloon’s team in 2005, made his senior team debut in the Egyptian Premier League, and later became a regular in the team. Afterward, he joined Swiss Club Basel in 2012, scored goals in the Swiss Super League and UEFA Europa League, and played a major role in Basel’s 2013-14 League Championship victory.

His amazing performance earned him a place in Chelsea in 2014, and he became the first Egyptian player at the club. He scored his first goal against Arsenal in his Premier League debut for Chelsea. However, he did struggle with finding consistent playing time and, therefore, was loaned to Fiorentina in Italy during the 2015 season.

Salah quickly proved himself as a key player at Fiorentina and was awarded the club’s Player of the Season for his goals. This led him to join Roma permanently for ₦12,236,138,737.50, and he continued to shine in Serie A and assisted the team in securing second place in the league. However, these four stages in Salah’s club career portray his journey from Egyptian youth teams to a successful career in European football.

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Liverpool Football Club

Mo Salah’s tenure at Liverpool is a remarkable journey of records, awards, and achievements. Initially, he signed with Liverpool in June 2017 for a transfer fee that could reach ₦40,276,192,339.40 and make a new club record. Moreover, it took him no time to become a fan favorite with scoring on his Premier League debut against Watford.

He earned Player of the Month for August and then the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award after a four-goal extravaganza against Watford. In the 2018-19 season, he contributed to Liverpool’s success in the UEFA Champions League when they became champions. Furthermore, he secured his second Golden Boot in the Premier League and successfully became the League’s top scorer as the season ended.

He scored his 100th goal for Liverpool and set a record in the club for achieving this glory in a short time in 2019-20. Likewise, he won his third Golden Boot in 2021-22, scored consecutively for nine Anfield games, and was the first to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford, becoming the highest-scoring African player in Premier League history. He scored his 200th league goal in a Merseyside derby and became Liverpool’s top goalscorer in European competitions.

Salah reaffirmed his commitment to Liverpool, and he is considered an iconic figure. Moreover, he continues to firmly establish his legacy at Liverpool as of 2023-24; however, he was offered a two-year contract offer worth ₦167,746,270,000.0 from Saudi Pro League side Al-Ittihad. Nevertheless, his agent did some negotiations with Liverpool, and he preferred Liverpool over Al-Ittihad.

Remaining Salary at Liverpool

Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool will expire on June 30, 2025; however, there is a staggering amount of money still left in the contract. For the coming two years, he will receive a gross salary of ₦39,394,773,600.00. Moreover, his current gross base salary per week is ₦378,797,650.00 and ₦17,048,593,713.06 per year.

Commercial Endorsements

Mohamed Salah has earned a name and a huge fan base for himself through his dedication and talent. Therefore, he has been the face of some of the prestigious brands that make around ₦9,939,735,000.0 from these endorsements. Here are some of his brand endorsements and the money he makes through these commercials.


Adidas is a high-end brand famous around the globe for its sportswear. Salah has worn Adidas shoes for a very long time and also appears in its commercials and promotes the products on his social media channels. Moreover, he makes around ₦2,342,105,492.50 every year through his commercial endorsements with Adidas.


Salah has been the brand ambassador of Pepsi in the Middle East and North Africa since June 2016. Furthermore, his association with Pepsi has increased over the years, and he earns a significant amount through this partnership.

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Other Brands

The list of his endorsements is very long. However, some of the brands worth mentioning are Vodafone, Uber, ExxonMobil, Oppo, DHL, and collaboration with Gucci. Furthermore, the exact amount these brands are offering Mo Salah is not clear, but judging from their reputation, it must be good.

Mohamed Salah’s Assets


Mohamed Salah owns multiple houses and properties in different areas. However, he lives in Allerton, South Liverpool, in a luxurious house worth ₦1,529,190,000.00. Moreover, he owns a house in Egypt as well; the addresses and exact number of property he owns is not reported publicly.


Mohamed Salah’s has a collection of the most luxurious and high-performance vehicles. He owns an Audi Q7, which retails for ₦42,648,480 and is popular for its combination of style and practicality. Moreover, he has a Bentley Continental GT, which is worth ₦71,137,275, and a Lamborghini Aventador worth ₦319,281,132.

His car collection also includes a Mercedes-Benz SUV and a Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe, which is a sportier variant of the standard GLE and retails for ₦58,461,900. Porsche 911 Turbo S, an iconic sports car famous for its speed and timeless design, which costs around ₦152,920,000, is also a part of his collection. Furthermore, he has a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and a Bentley Bentayga worth ₦135,329,200.

How much does Mohamed Salah earn per week?

Mohamed Salah’s lawyer and advisor indicated that according to their demands, he should earn at least ₦1,081,245,000.00 per week. However, according to his new contract, he earns a gross base salary of ₦327,541,793.67 per week without adding any bonuses.

How much is Mo Salah offered at Al Nassr?

Al Nassr offered Mohamed Salah the most expensive contract in sports history. According to this offer, he can make ₦191,416,296,000.00 per year.

Who is Liverpool’s highest-paid player for 2023-24?

Mohamed Salah is the top earner at Liverpool Football Club and makes around ₦327,541,793.67 per week and ₦17,048,593,713.06 per year.

What is Mohamed Salah’s net worth?

Mohamed Salah’s estimated net worth is around ₦68,813,550,000.00.

In a nutshell, Mohamed Salah is an iconic football player with a remarkable career. His journey is nothing short of extraordinary: making records after records, building a career that is financially rewarding, and becoming the 23rd highest-paid athlete in the world in 2923. Moreover, his journey from Egyptian youth teams to successfully shifting to European football and becoming the highest-paid player at Liverpool is outstanding.

Mo Salah’s estimated net worth is ₦68,813,550,000.00, and his salary per month is around ₦3,338,329,494.29. He makes a significant amount of money through commercial endorsements and is associated with brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Vodafone, DHL, Uber, etc. Furthermore, he has a luxurious car collection of the most expensive cars and lives in a house worth ₦1,529,190,000.00.

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