Immigration Salary For SSCE & Rank

Do you want to know the rank that the Immigration Service gives to all SSCE holders? The Immigration Service ranks every SSCE holder even though it is the least qualification for a paramilitary agency. The hired individuals get a decent amount every month.

If you’re interested in joining the Immigration service in Nigeria and need an idea about the salary, refer to the information below. The figures are given so you can know about the salary of an SSCE holder in Nigeria.

Immigration Salary For SSCE

People with the Senior School Certificate Examination or SSCE can join the Nigerian Immigration Service easily. They can earn a good monthly amount because the Immigration Service starts paying their members after hiring them. The trainees get paid when they begin their training.

It means that people with SSCE can start earning during their training sessions. The training allowance begins right away, but it will stop after the duration of the training ends. An SSCE certificate holder can earn around ₦ 40,000 to ₦ 95,000 monthly.

The allowance varies because of the years of experience in the field. If you join the service with an SSCE certificate and start your training, your pay will be more than that of a trainee who has joined recently.

Hence, the more the experience, the higher the pay, but the amount won’t exceed ₦ 95,000. It is the maximum amount an SSCE holder can make in Nigeria.

SSCE Rank In Immigration

All the SSCE holders get a rank according to the Nigeria Immigration Service. The Senior School Certification Examination is the least qualification to secure a job in Nigeria. As an SSCE holder, one can become a passport officer and earn a minimum of ₦ 40,000.

The amount will increase as the years of service and experience increase in the same work area. Getting a job in the Immigration Service, and that too with an SSCE is tough. You will always stay junior in the force even if you successfully join the service.

If you want to upgrade or go up the ladder, get a higher certificate like HND or BSC and get promoted to a higher rank. All the higher-ranking officers make a decent amount every month. For instance, a Superintendent of Immigration gets around ₦ 350,000 monthly.

This amount is three times more than what an SSCE holder gets in Nigeria. But one thing should be remembered: the higher the salary, the more the responsibility. Hence, think twice before signing up for a job because immigration cases can be complicated.

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A brief yet informative article on the Immigration Service salary for SSCE holders is written so people with this certificate can apply. The salary range is mentioned so everyone knows how much they can make after working in Immigration Services.

You can get a higher salary if you gain more experience in the field and are trained. Although the pay isn’t excellent, it’s the most one can make with an SSCE in Nigeria.

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