Remo Stars Players Salary in Naira

Most of the football clubs in Nigeria are owned by the state, but that’s not true for Remo Stars. The owner and president of Remo Stars FC is Hon. Kunle Soname. The club members of Remo Stars play in various football events, leagues, and tournaments.

The football player’s salary depends on his skills and performance; there is no qualification requirement anywhere in the world to be a footballer. However, there is a training requirement that polishes player’s salary. The monthly maximum and minimum Remo Stars player’s salary is around ₦ 334m and ₦ 3m, respectively.

The monthly salaries of Remo Stars players vary from player to player, depending on their experience, skills, and market value. However, on average, Remo Stars players earn up to 173m per month.

Top 10 Remo Stars Players by Income

Remo Stars FC has enjoyed a great season in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) 2023 and ranked second among all. All the Remo Stars players are professional footballers and possess incredible football skills. Here is a list of the top 10 Remo Stars players.

  • Vincent Edafe
  • Olamilekan Adedayo
  • Adebayo Abayomi
  • Tambe Charles Mchinda
  • Isah Ali
  • Nduka Junior
  • Yinusa Sherif
  • Stanley Joseph
  • Dayo Ojo
  • Franck Mawuena

1. Vincent Edafe and His Salary

Vincent Edafe was born in Nigeria on Nov 23, 2001, and is only 21 years old. He started playing football in 2020 with Dakkada FC. Vincent left Abia Warriors last year on Aug 25, 2022, and joined Remo Stars.

He plays as a goalkeeper for Remo Stars, earning up to ₦ 207099.56 from his recent club, Remo Stars. He is only 21, but his market value is over ₦ 357k, reflecting his talent and hard work. However, his net worth is not revealed to the public yet.

2. Olamilekan Adedayo and His Salary

Olamilekan Adedayo is another high-potential Remo Stars player who was born on Aug 9, 2001. He plays as a midfielder and joined Remo Stars FC in 2021 on a two-year contract base. Moreover, his current salary is around ₦ 118k.

The most surprising thing about this highly skilled young footballer is that he has a market value of ₦ 670k. Undoubtedly, he is an incredible player with extraordinary market value, but his net worth is still unknown, with no reports or news.

3. Adebayo Abayomi and His Salary

Adebayo Abayomi is a Nigerian footballer who plays as a midfield defender for Remo Stars. He was born on Feb 9, 1994, and celebrated his 29th birthday this year. Adebayo has been playing football since 2012 and started his professional football career with FC Ebedei.

He joined Remo Stars in 2021 and earns up to ₦ 266137.00 in a month. Recent reports show that his net worth is around ₦ 8 billion. Apart from his football salary, Remo Stars players earn through brand endorsements, performance bonuses, and sometimes transfer fees, the same is true for Adebayo Abayomi.

4. Tambe Charles Mchinda and His Salary

Tambe Charles Mchinda, a professional footballer, plays as a goalkeeper from the Remo Stars side. He was born in Nigeria on Apr 4, 1994, and just turned 29 this year. After leaving Shooting Stars, he joined Remo Stars on Oct 4, 2022.

His monthly salary is around ₦ 177511.42 as per his contract with Remo Stars, which will expire in 2024. However, not much is known about his net worth, but he has additional sources of income apart from his football salary. He earns through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

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5. Isah Ali and His Salary

Isah Ali is a young professional footballer who was born on Feb 3, 2001. This young blood plays in the center-back position for Remo Stars and earns up to ₦ 226966.11 monthly. He is in his early twenties, but his football skills are on another level, and so is his market value, which is around ₦ 43 million.

His additional income sources are unknown, but he must earn through brand sponsorships because he is a star player. According to recent reports, his net worth is between ₦ 776 million and ₦3 billion. However, no authentic reports have confirmed his net worth and the net worth mentioned above is only an estimated value.

6. Nduka Junior and His Salary

Nduka Junior is a young Nigerian footballer who plays for a famous club, Remo Stars. He was born on Aug 1, 2001, and just turned 22. His full name is Nkuda Junior Harrison.

Moreover, he captains the Remo Stars FC team in NPFL and also plays as a center-back and midfield defender. He is currently earning up to ₦ 266411.79 in a month, and his market value is around ₦ 136 million approximately.

Nduka stepped into the football world in 2019 when he participated in the U17 football league. Furthermore, as per the 2023 reports, his net worth is ₦ 280 billion.

7. Yinusa Sherif and His Salary

Yinusa Sherif is 20 years old and was born on May 5, 2003. He has recently joined Remo Stars in July 2023 and has made only two appearances till now. It’s only been two years since he entered the football world and plays a center-back position in the Nigerian football club, Remo Stars.

Yinusa Sherif’s salary is up to ₦ 128257.21 in a month. He signed a contract with Remo Stars, which will expire in 2025, and ended his two-year contract with his current club. His current market value is ₦ 5 million, but nothing is known to the public about his net worth, so it won’t be wrong to say that his net worth is not reviewed yet.

8. Stanley Joseph and His Salary

Stanley Joseph is another Remo Stars player with exceptional football skills. He was born on Jan 5, 2005, and is only 18 years old. Stanley joined Remo Stars FC on Oct 7, 2023.

This Remo Stars player’s salary is approximately ₦ 98640.12. As he is new in the football world, no information about his net worth is available anywhere on public platforms, and his net worth has not been revealed to date. Moreover, he is young, and I think he is focusing on his career and not on making money.

9. Dayo Ojo and His Salary

Dayo Ojo is known as Ekundayo Solomon Ojo in his home country, Nigeria. His date of birth is Oct 10, 1994. He plays as a central midfielder for Remo Stars FC and joined this club on Oct 2, 2021.

This 28-year-old Remo Stars player’s salary is around ₦ 138131.01 and has a market value of ₦ 94 million. He is among the richest Nigerian footballers, with a net worth of ₦ 3,919,958,530. Besides his football salary, there are no known sources of income that he has or that bring him money.

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10. Overview of Franck Mawuena and His Salary

Franck Mawuena is a multi-talented Remo Stars player. His full name is Kwame Franck Elie Mawuena. He is thirty years old and was born on Nov 21, 1992.

Franck Mawuena has been playing football since 2011 and entered the fascinating football world with a U-21 football event. He is currently part of Remo Stars, and his contract with his current club will expire in June/July 2024. This super-talented footballer plays as a forward, center, and attack.

Moreover, his salary and market value are around ₦ 118311.29 and ₦ 62m, respectively. As far as his net worth is concerned, not much is known about Franck Mawuena’s net worth, his businesses, or additional income sources.

Who is the owner of Remo Stars?

Kunle Soname is the owner of the Nigerian football club Remo Stars.

How much is Remo Stars worth?

Remo Stars is one of the youngest clubs in Nigeria, and they are also known as Sky Blue Stars. Although most Remo Stars players are young, they are making history and breaking records which is why their market value is around ₦ 136 million.

Where is Remo Stars located?

Remo Stars is a football club in Nigeria located in Sagamu, Nigeria.

Who is the captain of Remo Stars?

Nkuda Junior Harrison is the captain of Remo Stars FC and plays as a central defender for his club.

Who is the team manager of Remo Stars?

Yinka Samuel is the team manager of Remo Stars.

Who is the new coach of Remo Star?

The new coach of the youngest football club in Nigeria, Remo Stars, is Daniel Ogunmodede.

When was Remo Star founded?

Remo Stars was founded in 2010, and Kunle Soname owns this football club. The market value of this club is around ₦ 136 million, which is quite surprising for a young club and young club member.

In conclusion, the Remo Stars player’s salary varies widely depending upon their experience in the field, football skills, ranking, and additional income sources. Some top players earn millions of naira per year. On the other hand, novices and freshers have substantially lower incomes than the top players.

Just like in every football club, the Remo Stars player’s salary is not fixed, and it goes up and down based on the player’s performance, experience, and market value. Many top players earn through brand endorsement and have a substantial net worth, but most of the club members of Remo Stars are new in the football world, so their additional income sources, net worth, and assets have not been revealed to the public yet.

In this article, we shed light on Remo Stars players’ salaries to show the income diversity and salary variance of Remo Star players. I hope you find our content helpful.

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