Microbiologist Salary in Nigeria

Microbiology is the field of biology in which you study microorganisms, including algae, fungi, and parasites. A microbiologist is a professional who is also known as a biological scientist responsible for conducting research on microorganisms and understanding their effect on our lives. The field has a great scope in Nigeria because the country is advancing in technology and science, and they need more biological scientists.

Monthly Salary Range:₦328850 – ₦967025
Average Monthly Salary:₦647937.5
Description:Microbiologists are involved in studying and monitoring microbes like bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, and parasites and see how they affect our lives and how we can kill them or exploit them.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s Degree

If you are interested in microbiology and are looking for the average salaries of microbiologists in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be summarizing the average monthly and yearly salaries. We will also talk about the median amount, bonuses you will get, and how the salary varies according to professional experience and gender.

Overview Of Microbiologist Salary in Nigeria

A microbiologist is someone who deals with microbes and studies them keenly to see which one of them is beneficial for humans and which one is not. A microbiologist is one of the exciting jobs that also is among the list of highly paying jobs in Nigeria. The average monthly salary a microbiologist can earn in Nigeria is approximately ₦ 631,925.

It becomes ₦ 7,583,100 when we calculate it on an annual basis. The salary varies according to several factors, like gender, location, experience, and skills. Moreover, when we look at the median wage, we come to know that the median salary for a professional microbiologist working in Nigeria is approximately ₦ 7,285,700 per year.

Median is the middle value, which means 50% of the microbiologist earns more than this amount, and 50% of the microbiologist earns less than ₦ 7,285,700. Let’s now talk about the increment in the salary and bonus or incentive you can get as a microbiologist.


Well, when we talk about the increment in your salary, we come to know that microbiologists who are giving their services in Nigeria get an annual pay of approximately 10% every 20 months. That means the yearly increase in the salary becomes 6% of the base salary. So, microbiologists can expect to get an average salary increment of approximately 6 percent every year.

However, when we talk about the incentives and bonuses, we come to know that being a microbiologist in Nigeria is a high bonus-based job. From our research, we have come to know that microbiologists usually get rewards and incentives based on their performances. The study says that 76% of the microbiologists in Nigeria have received a bonus in the last 12 months.

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Alternatively, 24% of the microbiologists were those who had not received any Bonus in the last year of their service. The bonuses that microbiologists can get could be company performance bonuses, goal-based bonuses, or individual performance bonuses.

Salary Structure

Salary Based on Professional Experience

The salary of a microbiologist varies considerably based on their professional experience. Like other jobs, with more experience, your salary automatically increases. The same is the case with microbiologists in Nigeria.

  • Those microbiologists who have 0 to 2 years of experience can expect their yearly salary to be approximately ₦ 4,475,900.
  • With 2 to 5 years of experience, the microbiologists in their field can get an average yearly salary of ₦ 6,011,900. Keep in mind the values written here are not fixed; instead, they vary according to different factors.
  • Then, we have a microbiologist with 5 to 10 years of experience. They can earn an average annual salary of approximately ₦ 7,812,200.
  • Moreover, those professional microbiologists with more than ten years of experience and less than 15 years of experience can earn approximately ₦ 9,456,600 per year salary.
  • Furthermore, those microbiologists who have more than 15 years of experience can make an annual income of up to ₦ 10,870,100.

Responsibilities of Microbiologist

Following are some of the significant responsibilities and critical duties a microbiologist must have to fulfill in his job. Make sure to pay attention to the details so you can understand what a microbiologist has to go through in his job.

  • A microbiologist is responsible for supervising and conducting research on microbes on a regular basis.
  • He has to make sure that his knowledge is up to date on various microorganisms and their activities.
  • A microbiologist is responsible for conducting tests, performing examinations on samples, and identifying any type of contamination and the dangers related to microorganisms that otherwise could harm human health.
  • Moreover, microbiologists are also responsible for monitoring the morphological and physiological characteristics of microorganisms.
  • He is responsible for sterilizing every material in the laboratory before usage.
  • A microbiologist conducts research and prepares the research papers.
  • He also maintains records of all the activities he performs in his research and the laboratory.
  • Microbiologists are also responsible for developing the latest pharmaceutical products like vaccines and medicines to help humans live a better life.
  • One of the critical responsibilities of a microbiologist in his profession is to manage the laboratories.

What is the average salary a microbiologist in Nigeria can get?

An average annual salary for a microbiologist in Nigeria can be ₦ 7,583,100. It becomes ₦ 631,925 monthly when we convert it into a monthly wage. The pay is not fixed; instead, it varies significantly from one individual to another due to other factors like skills and education level.

How does gender affect the salaries of microbiologists in Nigeria?

The salary of microbiologists in Nigeria is greatly affected by gender. A male earns 12% more than a female microbiologist who is giving her services in Nigeria. It has been noticed that male microbiologists earn an annual average income of ₦ 8,132,400; alternatively, female microbiologists earn an average of ₦ 7,236,200 per year.

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