Science Laboratory Technology Salary in Nigeria

Are you interested in becoming a laboratory technologist in Nigeria but need to know the salary? The pay scale for the laboratory technologist differs according to their experience in the field. The more the experience, the higher the monthly stipend will be.

Occupation:Science Laboratory Technologist
Monthly Salary Range:₦70000 – ₦433000
Average Monthly Salary:₦251500
Description:The science laboratory technologists are responsible for conducting experiments and tests. They must receive, process, and analyze the samples. Moreover, they must maintain the laboratory environment, which is essential for storing chemicals.
Minimum Qualification:A bachelor’s degree is necessary to become a laboratory technologist in Nigeria. Sometimes, people qualify for jobs with certifications and associate degrees, but employers prefer technologists with degrees. Hence, a degree and license are essential for becoming a science laboratory technologist.

If you have completed your bachelor’s and want to become a science laboratory technologist, dig into the details below. These will help you have an idea to decide whether to pursue it.

Overview of Science Laboratory Technology Salary in Nigeria

Like other countries, Nigeria has many laboratory technologists performing several experimental processes. They are an expert in conducting tests and storing chemicals in the laboratory. Technologists are paid a good amount worldwide because they’re experts in their field.

However, the pay scale of science laboratory technologists in Nigeria is unknown. The article discusses the minimum and maximum salaries so people can understand. It is a demanding field that involves complex processes.

Salary Structure

The table explains how much a science laboratory technologist earns in a month. The salary is different at each stage, depending upon the experience.

Experience in the FieldMonthly Salary in Naira
0 to 2 years₦ 70,000
2 to 5 years₦ 86,000
5 to 10 years₦ 225,000
More than ten years₦ 433,000

Responsibilities of a Science Laboratory Technologist

The responsibilities of a science laboratory technologist include some of the following.

  • They must receive, process, and analyze samples and reach a conclusion.
  • It is their responsibility to clean and maintain the equipment used for experiments.
  • The science laboratory technologists must follow all the standard procedures while analyzing samples.
  • They must keep a record of the reports and invoices.

How much are medical laboratory scientists paid in Nigeria?

The science laboratory technologists or medical scientists get different salaries depending on their qualifications and field experience.

Is laboratory technologist a promising career?

Laboratory technologist is a promising field worldwide. Growth is seen every year as more people are inclined towards this field.

A brief article explaining the salary of a science laboratory technologist is written so people can know the potential. Many graduates can join the field and earn a decent amount every month. The information is helpful for everyone who is considering becoming a laboratory technologist in Nigeria.

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