Salary of BSC Rank in Custom

Are you a BSC holder who wants to earn a decent sum of money in Nigeria? If yes, you can join the Nigerian Customs Service and get recruited at a good rank. The salaries are pretty good and you can make it to the top after a few years.

The article has all the details related to the ranks and annual salaries that BSC holders can get after joining Custom. You can take advantage of this opportunity and join the service.

BSC Rank In Custom

The BSC certificate holders can join the customs service in Nigeria and get ranks according to their experience. When they join the service, they earn less than their seniors because of their less experience in the field. Similar to all the paramilitary organizations in Nigeria, the customs service also gives ranks to the BSC holders.

The BSC holders can go up the ladder and reach the highest rank after working for quite some time. Once a recruit is promoted to a higher rank, the salary also increases. Although the custom jobs are quite demanding, the salaries are competitive.

The salary of an employee with a BSC starts from around ₦ 1,134,027 and goes up to ₦ 2,474,560. You will start as Deputy Superintendent of Customs or DSC and then the list goes on. The highest rank is the Assistant Comptroller General of Customs but will need years of hard work.

The table below explains salaries according to the ranks. The difference in salaries is also quite evident from the information below. Go through the table and decide if you want to join the custom service as a BSC holder.

RanksAnnual Salary in Naira
Deputy Superintendent Customs₦ 1,134,027 to ₦ 1,123,535
Chief Superintendent Customs₦ 1,168,172 to ₦ 1,335,234
Assistant Comptrollers₦ 1,235,584 to ₦ 1,445,559
Deputy Comptrollers₦ 1,629,447 to ₦ 1,825,589
Assistant Comptroller General₦ 2,262,288 to ₦ 2,474,560

Now that you know the annual salary of officers after joining the Customs service in Nigeria, you can apply for a job when there is an opening. The salary packages are incredible and increase with experience. As a BSC holder, you’re at an advantage because the rank goes up to the top.

The BSC holders who join Customs will get paid the same amount as people who have been serving for three years. Hence, the salary and rank depend on the certifications.


A brief yet informative article on the salary of BSC rank in custom is written so you can have an idea before applying. The ranks of the officers along with the salaries are mentioned for help. As a BSC holder, you can directly be appointed as the Deputy Superintendent and earn a decent sum annually.

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The information will help you make a decision and apply for an opening in Custom Service Nigeria. You can get in and make it to the highest rank within a few years.

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